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Mar 7, 2001 07:38 PM

Ezo noodles on Broadway

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Finally I have some time to participate in this board. Yee-haw.

Is anyone else addicted to Ezo, the ramen shop on Broadway? Apparently it's part of a chain covering Tokyo, Honolulu, Vancouver, and now Seattle. They've got a choice of several different ramens (with at least three different broths represented among them), fried noodles, quite decent gyoza, chicken cutlets, and these great panko-crusted potato croquettes with bits of ground pork inside.

There's nothing unusual about anything they serve, and it's not the kind of hole-in-the-wall place that totally blows you away, but they're consistent, friendly, and it's a nice room to have lunch in. They've started doing combo plates now; today I had a big mound of good fried rice (not quite salty enough, believe it or not, but well-distributed egg and bits of marinated pork instead of watery ham chunks), potato croquettes, and chicken teriyaki, for under six bucks. I think it's way better than the late Kitto noodle place that's now the Wok & Grill.


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  1. I quite agree. Ezo is the best when you are hungry for something simple, tasty and cheap. I favor the wonton ramen. However, I have been in a couple of when their noodles have been undercooked and sort of clumped together though. Not entirely pleasant. But usually they are so good that I tend to overlook these mess ups. Good quick lunch.