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Feb 27, 2001 10:05 PM

White King Salmon from Ray's

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No, I haven't dropped into Seattle for dinner. Instead I had a wonderful treat at the Taste of Washington tour's visit to San Francisco tonight. Besides a fine showing of WA State wines, Ray's Boathouse catered the buffet of Northwest seafood.

The hot smoked white king salmon was sumptuous served with a sweet/spicy chutney. I had the chance to introduce myself to Exec. Chef Charles Ramseyer and thank him for bringing this delicacy to San Francisco. Apparently these fish don't turn up this often and he jumped when his purveyor had a load to sell. He said the hot smoked items were all done in-house. We really bonded when I told him that my favorite part was the fatty belly (toro) and was happy that others always left it behind on the serving platter. He said that's what he likes too, but not to tell too many people about our secret. (g)

I envy those of you who live close enough to enjoy this again soon.

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    Tom Armitage

    I'm delighted to hear that Chef Ramseyer impressed you. Around 1990, Ramseyer followed Jerry Traunfeld (who became the chef at the Herb Farm in Fall City) as executive chef at the Alexis Hotel. With Traunfeld in charge, the small dining room at the Alexis had become a personal favorite, and I remember my disappointment when he left. But Ramseyer did a terrific job of following in Traunfeld’s footsteps, and the Alexis remained a favored spot of mine until 1993 when I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, and Ramseyer moved from the Alexis to Ray’s Boathouse. At the time, I thought it was a real coup for Ray's to hire Chef Ramsayer, and it’s nice to hear that he is still maintaining the high standards of which he is capable.