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sushi sans nori

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Ok, so despite numerous attempts, I have never developed a taste for nori/seaweed. A little in miso soup or a shard on a rice crack are about all I can handle. Here in lies the dilemma: I love sushi rolls. At japanese restaurants I'll sneak a roll off of a pals plate, peel away the seaweed and munch. Ok, so it's rude and gross and I would horrify the sushi chef if he saw...but I have to my spider roll!

Here's the question...I've heard there's a rice paper-like wrapping some sushi chefs will substitute for the nori. True? If so WHERE??? Or, should I just ask the chef to roll the sushi without the nori and then douse it in sesame seeds or something? Obviously I'm a novice here. Any advice is appreciated!

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  1. Try asking for soy paper instead of nori -- a number of sushi places should have that on hand.

    Deb H.