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Feb 26, 2001 07:12 PM

Hey Joe, I went to Voula's...

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...and was treated terribly and had really mediocre food. What a bummer after how you raved.
I was just looking to read the paper and have some coffee and enjoy a nice, relaxed brunch. Turns out everyone in there smokes (or so it seemed), my black-lipsticked waitress was bad and my omelette was nothing to write home about. Bummer.

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't have a good time. You know, I don't smoke but for some reason at Voula's it never bothered me. I'll mention that the next time I recommend it. Good Chowhound hunting!!!

    1. Hi, Sonja.

      I go to Voula's regularly & have for years, but I'm sorry to hear about your bummer of an experience. Voula and her family are pals of ours now, and I'd be happy to pass on any comments you'd like me to, any other specifics about the experience?

      As for the smoking, I've noticed that some days you can get away from it (no smoking in the back area or to the lft of the front door as you go in), but other days it follows you. It's especially bad on weekends, because it'll often be so crowded that you have to wait longer and have less of a choice for seating.

      As for the black-lipsticked waitress, I think she's new (flimsy excuse, I know) - we just were served by her for the first time last weekend. No personality at all! Not a good fit for the place.

      The food is nothing outstanding - but it's just plain, basic, and good, no-frills diner fare.

      I wish I could encourage you to try the place again - all I can say is that they certainly gave a bad first impression to you, and you'll have to trust that it's usually better than that.