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Sep 30, 2004 02:43 PM

Best Chickent Wings in the City

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I'm a chicken wing lover and I'm looking to find the best in the city.

I'm sure there's some places that I haven't discovered yet. Can anyone help?

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  1. For the best dipping sauce (garlic/white sauce):
    St. Louis Bar and Grill, multiple locations in the city including 2050 Yonge in Toronto, 5307 Yonge in North York, and 10620 Yonge St in Richmond Hill

    For the best wings period: Duffs Famous Wings, 1604 Bayview Av at Eglinton

    For the most sauces/variety (dozens!): All-Star Wings (in plaza northeast corner of Woodbine/16, Unionville) ...

    Honorable mention/university nostalgia: Einstein's, 229 College St at Spadina

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    1. re: Goober

      I love it!

      I agree with Duffs! Thanks for the other suggestions..I guess I have some plans for tonight!

      1. re: DimSum

        I went to Duff's several times and I'm still trying to understand why people think they are so good - is it the special sauce maybe? I only eat mild, so maybe I don't get the required kick, but overall, I find their meat too hard.

        My favourite chicken wings? The ones my mom used to make: coat wings in cornstarch, then deep fry in hot oil. The texture is better than any other coating I've ever had.


        1. re: garp

          For wings with the "boys" it is usually a macho thing... the hotter the better and Duffs has the hottest! by far....

          1. re: Guy

            I loved them at shoeless joes in king street - they were huge and soooo tasty!

            1. re: Guy

              I loved them at shoeless joes in king street - they were huge and soooo tasty!

        2. re: Goober

          No, no, no.

          Bistro on Avenue.

          Avenue Road north of Lawrence.

          1. re: har gow

            Bistro on Avenue is affiliated with the St. Louis group I believe.

            Here's a novel suggestion: try the butter fried chicken wings at Pho Hung (any location). I've tried Duff's, St Louis, even the original Anchor Bar Wings in Buffalo. I think Mr. Buffalo on Finch and Bayview comes closest to the Anchor Bar experience. Order them hot... it's not too spicy. Too bad no liquor license....

            Pho Hung's wings are HUGE and seldom dry.... I think it has something to do with the butter. The hot sauce is perfect in terms of heat. Pair it with some deep fried soft shelled crabs and a cold jackfruit milkshake and a better meal I cannot imagine!

            1. re: chefraymond

              I agree with the Butter Fried chicken wings at Pho Hung. They are indeed very fact I had them for lunch yesterday!

              Good on ya! Thanks!

              1. re: DimSum

                All Star Wings has a ton of flavours, they just need descriptions in their menus. I have to agree about the wings from Pho Hung they are awesome!

                1. re: funfoodie

                  If you eat at Allstar enough times, you start to figure out the "code"! :)

              2. re: chefraymond


                try Sweet Basil's Malaysian-style chicken wings. They are coated with a mixture that has chopped up dried shrimp and then fried.

                They are located in a plaza just south of Elgin Mills, on the west side of Bayview in Richmond Hill.

                1. re: Goober

                  Thanks! I was looking for that restaurant one day but was given the wrong directions and couldn't find it!

                  Is it that Malaysian restaurant? I heard it's quite good. I'm a big fan of Malaysian food but the only one I knew of was on HWY 7 and they closed down. :(

                  1. re: DimSum

                    No, Sweet-Basil is misc Asian (Thai/Malay/Japanese-some/Chinese/Vietnamese). I highly recommend them.


                    I think the one you are looking for is Restoran Malaysia which is at the southeast corner of Bayview and Major Mac....well a driveway over (behind the McDonald's). They have excellent Malaysian food and this place can get quite busy during lunch and dinner hours. They turn people away on a regular basis when it's full.

                    1. re: Goober


                      That's it! Thank you so much.

                      I will definitely make my way over there sometime soon.

                      1. re: DimSum

                        Please let us know what you think of the place afterward.

                        Recommended dishes: beef roti canai, meemak goreng, saffron chicken, red curry chicken

                        1. re: Goober

                          Don't you worry! I will definitely give you a full report. Thanks so much for your help! stomach is to you soon!

                          1. re: DimSum

                            Anyone know of a Malaysian restaurant in the Danforth/Woodbine area? It was featured in the Toronto Star maybe a year ago. I lost the article.

            2. re: Goober

              Great Reply!!!

              As you added sauces, etc.

              In our economy, chicken wings are in abundance in basically Bars, Grills, etc. No serious food delights!

              I have an intriguing question regarding the price of Chicken Wings.

              How do these places ever justify their HUGE mark-up.

              Let's say I go into an oriental market --- rough prices --- whole leg-thighs $.99 lb, drumsticks $1.09 and chicken wings with all it's bone and fat $1.89 lb!

              If they could put chicken wings in gasoline, our economy would stop!

              1. re: jar

                To answer your question about the chicken wing prices, I work for the largest food service company in Canada, and I can tell you that chicken wing costs have gone up due to supply and demand. What was once considered as "waste" is now practically a "delicacy". There is such a huge demand for wings that the farmers can't keep up! Remember the good ol days when they had special nights where you could get wings for 10 cents each?!

                1. re: DimSum

                  That's the way I figured it out years ago and have been joking that they will have to soon develop a chicken with 6 wings! Hope NOT!!!

                  1. re: jar

                    I've always wondered why Turkey Wings never got popular. I guess they'd be too big and not as fun to eat!

            3. j
              just too hungry

              Duff's pretty much given... so...

              IMHO, I like the wings at Granite Brewery, on corner of Eglinton & Mount Pleasant.

              I go there for beer... and stay... well, frankly, for beer, but they have pretty good wings.

              1. Turtle Jacks is our favourite place for wings.
                (St.Louis is a close second)
                Restaurants in Brampton, Mississauga and Burlington.

                Order the roasters (large), TJ style (dusted) with the N.Y style butter sauce ..... awesome !


                1. For good old fashioned Buffalo style wings I like Scratch Daniels in the beach. They have good fries too.

                  1. The Willow (Danforth near Broadview) has good Coyote wings -flavoured with ginger. My other favs are the wing and pitcher combo at the Algonquin (5795 Yonge -just north of Finch) 2lbs wings and a pitcher for around $22.