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Feb 23, 2001 04:04 PM

Yakitori in Seattle???

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Ok, so I've been checking out your board here and I think I have a stumper. I am looking for a Japanese place in Seattle that has a full Yakitori menu (for those that don't know Yakitori is a variety of meats and vegetables skewered on wooden sticks and grilled)NOT just a chicken Yakitori appetiser. I need the full menu of chicken, beef, tsukune, onigiri, etc. If I could find a place that is actually a Yakitori "bar" like in Japan all the better. If anyone knows and would e-mail me I will be eternally grateful. Note: Yoshinobu doesn't count as they no longer have robata and I've not tried Aki in the ID yet.

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  1. Sushi Kuma in Wallingford, 1712 N. 45th Street, has an excellent selection of yakitori; chicken, beef, you name it. Great sushi and great service too.

    Kuma-san has been in the sushi biz for decades, everywhere from Toronto to New York to Hawaii and locally at Sanmi Sushi in Magnolia and Nikko at the Westin. His current version of sushi is far superior to either Sanmi or Nikko. It is among my favorites with Shiro's, Nishino, Toyoda's, Musashi's and Hanna.

    Sushi Kuma has been opened but a month. I anticipate it won't be long before lines start forming outside.

    1. FYI: Sushi Kuma has an unorthodox schedule; Thursday through Tuesday. In other words it is opened on Sundays and Mondays and closed only on Wednesdays. I suspect to capture the sushi hungry crowd on Sundays and Mondays when Musashi's is closed.

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        David-thanks for the info on Sushi Kuma. For some stupid reason I thought he had closed, not moved. Can't wait to go. anita