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Sep 27, 2004 06:01 PM

Best Burgers?

  • k

Need some help from all you hounds! Where is the best burger in the city? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Fat Phil's on Marlee has great homemade burgers. Hamberking on Bathurst in between Lawrence and Bathurst is also great! Think burgers and great service.

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    1. re: MC

      Man, Fat Phil's brings back great childhood memories. Reminds me that I need to revisit that place eventually.

      1. re: Curtis

        Tulip on Queen E. does a pretty good burger too.

    2. I recently had a very tasty burger at the Pilot on Cumberland. I was actually shocked at how good it was. My friend, who had something else but has had the burger there before, agreed that the Pilot had very good burgers.

      If you do a search on "burger" you will find many threads below discussing this topic.

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      1. re: Paolo

        Speaking of the Pilot, I strongly recommend the Patty Melt.

        A burger patty on toasted rye bread with cheddar and sauteed onions.

        Great googley-moogley it is awesome.

      2. I second the Pilot, and they will also cook your burger rarish if you ask nicely ( I swear I won't sue).This makes me nostalgic for P&S burgers. Anyone remember them? They were on Sheppard across from IKEA.

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        1. re: beth

          OHHH!!! I loved P&S burgers. Owned by greek families. Went to school with one of their kids. Ate a LOT of P&S burgers and fries. Will have to go try the Pilot soon - thanks beth.

          1. re: Jake

            And their onion rings...Amazing. If anyone knows of a current place to get a P&S style burger I would be forever gratefull. I tried Johnnies (sp?)in Scarborough but it did not quite measure up.

            1. re: beth
              Kevin Bertsch

              Well, as a Don Mills teenager, I spent a lot of time at both P&S and Johnny's. Didn't see much difference, to tell the truth, and - NO - I wasn't drunk at the time!!

              Now living in Richmond Hill, and the Steer Inn - Yonge St just south of Major Mackenzie - reminds me of both places. The same onion rings with the great batter - not the thin wimpy stuff on Burger King or McD's - big, puffed up rings that only need a sprinkling of salt to be perfect. The same frozen fries and burgers of P&S and Johnny's - it's an acquired taste, no? - but they do actually offer a rum and butter milkshake, a flavour which seems to be lost in the mists of time.

                1. re: fiasco

                  It's long gone. It used to be near Sheppard and Leslie.The family retired I think...

              1. re: beth

                One of the best places for burgers in Toronto is Golden Star, on Yonge just north of Steeles. Make sure you go for the ALLSTAR burger (or sometimes referred to as the Homemade burger)...the regular burger is standard, but the Allstar is phenomenal!

          2. Crazy high-end burger ($35) Bymark - it has porchini mushrooms and brie - very yummy.

            Great sirlon burget ( and a more moderate price $12) Bloor Street Diner at Yonge and Bay

            1. k
              Kevin Bertsch

              Alas, Toby's Good Eats had the best and most interesting variety of burgers in Toronto, but AFAIK, they are gone. (Rumour has it there is still one in Hamilton; lucky them)

              I remember well the time in the late 70's when Toby's, Bemelman's, and the Bloor Street Diner (orig) were the best Bloor/Yonge destinations for great casual food late at night. I miss them all.

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              1. re: Kevin Bertsch

                There's one in the First Canadian Place - it's still thriving!

                1. re: PATH Dweller

                  My son introduced me to Burger Shack on Eglinton at Oriole Pkwy, just east of Avenue Rd. Their homeburger is very good, and they have nicely battered onion rings. Nothing, however, matches the super thick, breaded rings that I used to get at the Burger Bar (Keele and Sheppard) about 25+ years ago.