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Sep 27, 2004 12:26 PM

Congee Queen (Leslie/Lawrence)

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In case anyone else reading this board lives in the area I wanted to make you aware of new chinese restaurant on Lawrence between the Donway and Leslie. The restaurant is very clean since its brand new and they have BBQ (saves me the trip to Sam Woo in Scarborough)and traditional chinese dishes along with Congee. The Won Ton noodle soup was excellent, Hot and Sour Soup was ok, Chicken and Corn was good. For mains I have had BBQ Pork and BBQ Duck on rice both very good.

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  1. I work in the area but can't picture where this might be. Could you be more precise? Is it in Don Mills Centre or the mall where CAA is located?

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      It is across the street from Don Mills Plaza in the strip mall on the Donway at the corner of Lawrence and the Donway.It was formerly the Pizza Hut restaurant.
      Did a takeout, and thought that the B.B.Q. was first rate.
      The duck was perfect. Crispy skin, so good that we peeled away the fat layer and used the skin as wrappers. The duck was tender and moist.
      The BBQ pork was delicious and very juicy.
      Must admit that I suggested we would be regular's if the barbeque was good, at which point, he examined the hanging tenderloins, pulled one out, and proclaimed that it would be exactly what I requested. And it was!
      Ordered the Bok Choy, which was good and the Minced beef roll with golden mushroom. This was absolutely delicious, and a little different than any I have had.
      Three very large rolls, lightly pan fried with two dipping sauces for $4.00.
      The staff are friendly, and anxious to accomodate.
      In our area of bad food and plastic menu's this is indeed a welcome addition.

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        Forgot to include the website in my message.

        Link: http://www.congeequeen.com

      2. Great congee and other dishes. Very friendly service and cheerful atmosphere . My family have visited twice since the grand opening. Food is good. We would like to learn more about different dishes. We'll be back soon and often.

        Link: http://congeequeen.com