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Feb 17, 2001 12:50 PM

Real croissants in Seattle!

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Really flakey croissants . . . mmmm. The really great ones are even getting hard to find even in Paris. Until recently, they didn't exist in Seattle. Not since the early days of Boulangerie when it was really good.

However, Le Fournil on Eastlake just south of the University Bridge does it right. They also have wonderful almond croissants that aren't so custardy that they turn to sog. Plus excellent pastries.

The lunch special is a great deal. For six bucks you get a generous baguette sandwich (lots more of the filling than at Le Panier in the market), any beverage (e.g., double latte, soda), and any dessert up to $2.95.

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  1. Try the North Hill Bakery on 15th Avenue and Rebublican or thereabouts.