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Feb 13, 2001 06:36 PM

New to Everett/Seattle

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Hi Everyone,

I just moved here from New Orleans, LA and would like suggestions on places to eat. Location? Anywhere around Seattle to Everett for starters. I figure I'll learn the area if I need to travel for a meal. :-)

What are some of your favorites? Where would you take a friend who is coming into town for a visit? I enjoy all sorts of food and willing to try anything so don't feel restrained/constrained.

Are there any dining guides online that offer good references/reviews?

Thanks in advance
John <--- Missing out on Mardi Gras festivies. :-(

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  1. Welcome!

    I just posted a question about online resources...but just to give you a kick-start:

    seattle.citysearch.com (pretty decent database of restaurants...but I still miss sidewalk.com.)
    www.seattleinsider.com (usually more traditional mid-range to high-end place reviews
    )www.thestranger.com (reviews on thursday
    )www.seattleweekly.com (reviews on thursday
    )www.seattletimes.com (reviews on friday
    )www.seattle-pi.com (reviews on friday - food features mid-week

    I'd also scroll through some of our past discussions. Lots of great places have been mentioned recently. Or, give us an idea of price-range, occassion, food preference etc. I find it's easier to get recommendations if you narrow down the field of options a bit.

    1. Say, John, I would really value your opinion of Alligator Soul in Everett (2013 1/2 Hewitt Avenue - 425 259-6311). They used to have a restaurant in Seattle, and their gumbo was rich with plenty of seafood, and their crawfish boil was wonderfully bounteous and featured terrific andouille (well *I* thought it was terrific, but it's not as though I could vouch for its authenticity). I took a friend from Baton Rouge and it satisfied his gumbo cravings, but I haven't tried the place up north yet.

      If you ever feel like checking it out, please post the results. And welcome to the area!