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Sep 12, 2004 09:06 PM

Seeking Stratford Dinner Recommendations

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I know that Stratford is not Toronto but because so many Torontonian go there, I decided to ask. Are there any places for dinner that are recommended? We are staying right in Town so walking distance from the downtown would be preferred but not absolutely necessary. I won't say that price is not important but pricey is not an obstacle if it is worth it. We will try any type of food. Thanks.

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  1. Good places are Bijou and Down the Street (Road?). Church and Rundles are overpriced and past their prime.

    1. Down the Street is very good. By all means, do not go to Rundles!!!! The food is very good, but the atmosphere is bizarre (out of place "folk art" who wants to look at rusty beer bottle caps while eating their foie gras?), the poor staff looks so downtrodden, probably because of the opressive "amishware" uniforms, the picture of the chef on the menu is laughable, the menu is inflexible, and it's priced so that they can get a year's worth of profit from five months of business, IMHO.

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        I was hooked on Down the Street awhile back when I lived in Waterloo. Great simple bistro food, and a great space to eat it in. Small menu, but lots of variety at the same time

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          My family does not agree about the decor, not at all, as we like it a lot. What we object to is the minuscule portions on the plate.

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            1. I would have to reccomend Bijou number 1. Rundles is expensive yes but the food is spectacular. The Old Prune, if not for its terrible decor the food is enjoyable and not terribly expensive.