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Sep 8, 2004 06:37 PM

Where can I find a Thai Grocery Store

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I am looking for a Thai grocery store. Preferably in Toronto Proper, however, I am willing to go to the burbs.


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  1. I don't know of any strictly Thai stores. But the larger Asian supermarkets on Spadina, south of Dundas, carry an excellent range of Thai groceries. I took a course in Thai cookery last year, learning how to make most dishes from scratch. I found everything I needed there -- fresh and packaged!

    Are there specific items you can't find?

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    1. re: Markaroni

      I'm looking for tamarind pulp, and red curry paste - specifically for a thai dish

    2. Vientiane Supermarket

      M9M 1M8

      (416) 743-2911


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      1. re: Derek

        I second the call on Vientiane Supermarket especially if you want to purchase wholesale. They do business in English, Lao, Thai, Chinese and I think some of the workers there speak a little Viet too.

        1. re: Derek

          I went to check out Vientiane Supermarket today but it was for nothing! The store is now closed down! It's too bad because I was looking for some good authentic Thai ingredients.

          1. re: sarahthebakeryoon

            Quoting from an earlier thread:
            It has moved to:

            Vientiane Trading Co.Ltd.
            51B Jutland Rd, Toronto, On M8Z 2G6
            Tel, 416 743 2911
            Fax 416 743 8004
            Jutland runs between Kipling and Islington, a few blocks north of the Queensway.

            I haven't been to the new location yet, so I have no idea if everything is set up and open... the move appeared to be a bit chaotic. I'd call them to see if the limes are in...

            Hope this helps!

        2. I can't remember the names, but on Broadview, just south of Gerrard on the east side there are a couple. A friend of mine took a Thai cooking course, and that's where they told her to get the ingredients she needed (and we found them easily in the stores there).


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          1. re: Patti

            The store on Broadview isn't Thai, but Vietnamese. They have all the stuff you need. Actually I find the big Chinese grocery store on the south side of Gerrard, at the east end of Chinatown II strip to often be better for lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. Stuff is fresher. They also have frozen galangal and banana leaves from Thailand. I used to live in Bangkok so I'm a bit fussy, but I usually can find everything I need out there.

            1. re: Patti
              Naresh Sharma

              Hi there,

              I am looking for a Thai Grocer or Wholesale Importer for Thai food in Toronto or suburbs.

              Please email.


              1. re: Naresh Sharma

                There are two places on Markham below 401:
                Markham just north of Tuxedo Court, definitely a Thai grocer.
                Markham and Lawrence, Soon Lee, with a broad range of
                most Asian ingredients.

                Soon Lee
                629 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1J, CA