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Feb 12, 2001 04:15 PM

Food North of Seattle

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I am looking for some interesting, good, odd, offbeat, authentic dining spots north of Seattle to as far north as Bellingham. I used to live in the area 20 years ago, but don't know the good stuff anymore. Is the Rhody Cafe in Bow anygood? How about the stuff on Chuckanut Drive? I will be up for a long weekend and any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Offbeat, as you might imagine, is very hard to come by up north. But there are a few decent places:

    Taquiera Guaymas on 196th in Lynnwood
    Stella Mia, Italian place in Bothell, hidden in the old country village
    Cafe Neo (small gyros place near the alderwood mall and off highway 99 in edmonds)
    Chantrelles, so-so place in Edmonds, best for breakfast.
    Marco Polo (now in Mulkilteo) used to draw raves when it was in north seattle
    The Golden Goat in Woodinville has drawn raves for years.

    1. The Bistro in Arlington run by the Love Israel family is worth a look! It is a cool San Francisco hip style place in the styx. Do not let the Love Israel affiliation throw you. These guys are businessmen.

      1. Try the Blue Bird Cafe in Arlington.

        1. Yes the Rhody is still good especially for Sunday brunch and for the cross-cultural monthly special menus. The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive may be the best restarant between Seattle and Vancouver, and the Oyster Creek Inn has been much improved in the past few years with a new owner. Both Palmer's restaurants (in Mount Vernon and in LaConner) are excellent with slightly different menu emphases--Mount Vernon is French (the effusive and welcoming hostess is the wife of the very young chef) and Laconner is a little more Northwest in stye. Also Wildflowers in Mount Vernon, Longhorn Bar and Grill in Edison, El Gitano in Mount Vernon (great homemade chorizo in the dish with nopalitos and eggs--best thing on the menu I think), Maylee Cuisine of Thailand in Burlington, the Thai House in Mount Vernon, and Lemon Grass Cafe in Bellingham, both Bella Isola and Geppetto's to Go in Anacortes, in Bellingham both Pepper Sisters and India Grill. . .I know I'll think of more later but I've got to go. . .