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London Ontario's Best ???

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Another all important 4th date question....
If money isn't a problem, and romantic atmosphere ranks second only to food quality, where is the best spot in London Ontario for an impressive outing?

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  1. It's not exactly in London, but about 30 min drive east, you'll find Elmhurst Inn in Ingersol.

    If you prefer to stay in the city, I personally like the Tasting Room on Richmond Street, next to the Grand Theatre. Garlics next door is also quite good.

    1. Without a doubt, Home Restaurant.

      1. there's a place called Black Velvet-or-something-or-other that's pretty good. i've only been there once, but i thought it was good, everything was competently prepared, interesting menu, good execution.

        1. Was in London about 1 month ago and the restaurant we went to was called the Red Violin on Richmond Row. One of the best pork tenderloins I ever had

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            Food On the Brain

            Ok, what are type of food? I can tell you all the best places in London.
            Blue Ginger - check out their website at www.blueginger.on.ca - innovative and diverse menu, very good wine selection. The Red Lounge is upstairs.
            Black Trumpet has changed their menu and is not nearly as innovative, but the atmosphere is wonderful.
            Tastings is less intimate - the dining room is completely open and if the bar area is busy it can be noisy.
            Garlics, beside Tastings, is quite nice, but would not be my first choice if you want a fabulous, intimate dining experience.
            David's Bistro always has a wonderful 3 course tasting menu, and David likes to visit his patrons. He always has reserve wines as well.
            These are all on Richmond Street between Dundas and Pall Mall.
            On King Street, without a doubt, Home Restaurant is the best. If you have a hankering for something special, ask Allesandro if he can help you. He loves all sorts of mushrooms and always has many different varieties. If you like foie gras, let him know when you make your reservation - he can get it for you. Great food, very good wine selection. Sandro recently redid the decor, and it is somewhat comfy cozy loungy.
            If you like Italian, next door to home is La Casa (do not confuse this with La Costa!). Good Italian food, good wine list, seating at a bar area, the window, or inside by the fireplace.
            At the art gallery (Museum London) there is Bistro on the Forks - beautiful view if the weather cooperates - looks out over the Thames - run by JP from Custom Cuisine Catering. Fabulous food and good wine selection.
            Then there's Murano www.muranocooks.com - fabulous Northern Italian food and good wine selections. Brian and his team like to wow you with multi course meals. Presentation is key.
            There are many other very good restaurants, depending on what you are looking for. If you want good meat, Michael's on the Thames www.michaelsonthethames.com is a great standard. The atmosphere is a little kitchy for me - Jack the Maitre'd sometimes comes to the table to sing, accompanied by an accordian. But, the food is very good - only place in town for Chateaubriande for 2.
            A more intimate setting for good meat is also Horse and Hound. A big old house in the north west end of town that is split up into smaller rooms.
            My favourites are Home, Murano, David's, and Blue Ginger, dependent on my mood.
            Good luck! Let me know how you make out! Hope I haven't missed your visit dates (I realize that I didn't read carefully to see when you're coming!)

            1. i absolutely loved On the Fork. search the board for details.

              1. I recently went to The Only on King and really enjoyed the food (it was a tad noisy for the small space though). You may want to confirm, but I went b/c I heard they buy their food from the Covenant Garden Market.

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                  Its nice that the only on king is finally being recognized. As far as I'm concerned it is the best restaurant in London. It's the only place in town that is really pushing the locavore diet, what's more they do tail to snout cooking, preparing tongue, brain and all matter of delicious offal. It is also in a league of its own when it comes to creativity. Where most restaurant menus in london are direct reflections of 6-month old trends, the food at the only is fresh and interesting.