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Sep 6, 2004 08:40 PM

Trip Report (brief and preliminary)

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First, let me thank one and all who helped out back in May when I first posted on this board seeking rec's for a birthday dinner in September. The sincerity, conviviality and intelligence that informed all those recommendations were in display throughout our stay in Toronto, which began Thursday evening and ended today. Those kudos can even be extended to the Emergency Department at St. Michael's, who tended to Mrs. JiLS's torn-up ankle ligaments during our visit (yes, some crutch-aided limping about was included in our Toronto experience, but all apparently due to an injury that occurred in Chicago before we left).

Anyway, as long-time readers may recall, in May I instituted a democratic approach to seeking recommendations for dinner for Mrs. JiLS's __nd birthday, and based on the number of favorable mentions that exceeded any other contender, we wound up at Perigee on Friday night. Short version here (just got home; I'll post more detail later), I'll get right to it and say this was one of the best meals I've eaten, ever; and Mrs. JiLS agrees. Our meal, the 6-course tasting with paired wines, stretched over 3 hours that felt like minutes. Thanks to all who recommended it. And next time (hopefully soon) we'll hit all the rest.

P.S. to Rob (MyJunk): Sorry we missed you Saturday. Mobility issues noted above made it impossible this time around.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it. Glad you liked Perigee (even though my experience there was not as good). It encourages me to give it another try.
    And, with luck, BYOB will be in effect for your next trip.

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      For this meal, BYOB was irrelevant, as the paired wines were both well chosen and delicious. Quality and variety were the signature notes in this meal; BYOB would've left me with one nice bottle that may or may not have matched the wide variety of dishes we were served. Regarding the quality of that meal, I believe the fact that I engaged with the chef and his crew throughout the meal probably influenced the quality of the offerings. But I must say, the thing that impressed me most was that each diner was getting more or less an entirely different meal. I saw only a handful of repeat dishes among those seated within a table or two of us, throughout our 3-hour experience. That says to me the crew at Perigee is deeply dedicated to the creating the experience they advertise.