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Feb 12, 2001 01:47 PM

hot dogs

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Hey Chowhounds:

I write about food for Seattle's alternative weekly, The Stranger, and I am on the prowl for food carts in this city. I know it is not exactly the time of year for dining in the out-of-doors, but still, our city seems to be restrictive to the point of near-extinction of the important institution of the mobile food cart. All this to say, I've had some trouble locating many food carts downtown, and I would appreciate any tips anybody has on food carts, especially ones in the more urban parts of Seattle. I'd also like to hear about any taco trucks (the only one I've found is in Sea-Tac), crepe carts, or anything beyond the usual hotdog cart (which I have absolute and undying love for). This website is rather thrilling with the opportunity it provides for chowhounds to unite, and I'd love to mention how it and its users helped make Seattle's hotdog carts more visible. The few hotdog cart folks I've talked to say its difficult to make a living and that they have trouble maintaining a loyal base of customers - it is up to us to fight to preserve what few options we do have of eats in the streets.


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    Scott Simpson

    There is a great Burrito Express at a Mexican Market along Aurora. Darn I want to say it is at 128-140th. I cannot quite remember. I drive by it all the time. I will get its exact locale. Hot dogs on the other hand I rarely see. Would the awesome hot dog place in Loews on Aurora fit that bill or because it is inside is it out of the loop. Anyway, I will keep my eyes peeled.


    1. I highly recommend the crepe stand at the Fremont Sunday Market.

      On occassion I've seen a vendor on Broadway across the street from Neighbors but I've never tasted his food.

      1. I had a great hotdog in Ballard -- right around the time the Bay Theatre opened. He had his cart on the sidewalk right down the block from the theatre. Almost too full for popcorn after!

        1. For the best dogs in town try Matt's Famous Chili Dogs. Two locations. South Seattle. Near East Marginal Way and Michigan and one in Bellevue near Bellvue Way and Main. He flys his dogs and buns in from Chicago and Philly. A real hot dog connoisseur.
          There is a kick-ass taco truck that hangs out in White Center, near Chubby & Tubbys. It's a yellow step-van. Tacos served just like the street vendors in Mexico. Small, soft, open faced tortillas with all the fixings. Fold them up and enjoy. Yummm.

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