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Sep 4, 2004 11:03 PM

new restarants in vaughan mills

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anybody know about the restaurants going to the new huge mega mall in vaughan by canada's wonderland

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  1. The only confirmed restaurant from their website is Johnny Rockets......a retro 50s burger and shakes joint. Tried them in LA....the Smokehouse burger was good. So are their fries and strawberry shakes. Happy they're doctor won't be.

    As for other restaurants, I am expecting more fast food restaurants (like McDonald's, Burger King), and theme/chain restaurants (Rainforest Cafe, Wolfgang Puck Cafe).

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    1. re: Goober

      what is their website?

      1. re: Goober

        where did they s ay about johnny rockets I looked on the site didn't see it

        1. re: ed

          Its not on their site. Because I checked again, also found out that Eggspectations will be there too.

          Here's the link:

        2. re: Goober

          crappy mall

          it is the size of the ego of Vaughan, it is so big, yet no brand department stores, it is going to be sooo tacky/american'ized B.S.

          If I never go in, I will be happy

        3. I had the opportunity to take a tour of the site this morning. In addition to the Eggspectations and Johnny Rockets, there will be a 13 restaurant (well QSR) food court and a HUGE coffee/cappucino bar.

          Overall, the mall itself is going to be quite different from other retail offerings. The premise is based on lifestyle and value. Stores will be clustered in different zones according to store type.

          The attention to design and detail is pretty impressive - even if you hate large malls it'll be worth checking out at least once...for the NASCAR complex and the 3-storey waterfall and stream (full of LIVE trout) that will be in the Bass Pro store.

          The atmosphere in the coffee place looks like it'll be really nice - very different from what one would expect in a mall. They are using a lot of hardwood flooring - the coffee bar floor has a cool starburst pattern. The fashion area will be entirely carpeted (when was the last time you saw carpeting in the common areas of a shopping centre?)

          Anyway this is no longer about food so I will stop yammering on about the mall, other than to tell you one more interesting thing, - they are actually adding an on/off ramp from the 400 going directly into the mall...making getting there and going home *relatively* easy.

          1. Szechuan Szechuan is also going in (with a patio). Chinese (obviously) - decent enough (they are also in First Canadian Place). Lucky Strike (bowling, billiards, etc.) also will have food, as will the NASCAR Speedtrack.

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              Noticed Houston's is going in V.M. - first Canadian foray for this popular U.S. steak chain. Could be okay (reviews I have seen for locations south of the border are good - see the Sun Sentinel for reviews of the Ft. Lauderdale location, for example). Holding out hope that a Cheesecake Factory goes in (very common tenant for a U.S. Mills location) - sounds cheesy (pardon the pun), but they are solid (especially for a chain).


            2. I visited Vaughan Mills for the first time yesterday. To keep things on topic I'll answer the restaurant question only (we know how the moderators are in this place...)

              With the exception of Johnny Rockets and the bar component of Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley (don't laugh, it doesn't look like any bowling alley I'd seen before), none of the full service restaurants in there are open yet.

              I had dinner at Johnny Rockets since it is an American import and it's their first Canadian location.

              To see a store map (which includes the restaurants, including those not open yet) go to:

              The food court doesn't have anything you haven't seen elsewhere in the GTA.

              Word of warning -- avoid "Kelly's Cajun Grill" like the plague. This is EXACTLY the same company, ownership, and menu as those nasty "Bourbon St. Grill"'s you see in other Toronto malls. That is the biggest joke of any GTA restaurant bar none. There is no such thing as "Cajun fried rice", and "Bourbon Chicken" might as well be called "Chicken balls with red sauce". Put simply, this is very bad Chinese food with Cajun-sounding names to try to fool you into thinking you're getting Louisiana cuisine. It's crap. I was disappointed to see that it actually had the LONGEST lineup in the food court. C'mon shoppers, prove to me you aren't ALL stupid...


              1. heyy..ok guys..this may sound like an odd request..but one of my friends had a realli nice pepper steak in vaughn mills mall btu cant remember the name of the restaurant and they arent even here so i cnt go with them to find it..anybody have any ideas?!?!

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                1. re: tamish.jog

                  Couldn't have been at Houston restaurant not to be confused with the American chain named Houston's. I went there once and vowed never to go back, I believe it is no longer in Vaughan Mills Mall.

                  1. re: callitasicit

                    i drive by the mall a lot, and see Houston still there. tamishjog - could it be canyon creek? it's a steakhouse but in a separate plaza not part of the actual mall. there's a few other restaurants (montana's, vinnie gambini, grazie, maybe others) also in adjacent strip mall type set up right near the mall. in the actual mall, apart from Houston and Szechaun Szechaun, i can't think of any other actual restaurants (just food court)...

                    1. re: auberginegal

                      I heard that Houston has gone, I can't believe that horrible excuse for a restaurant is still there!! I only went there because I confused it with the great chain Houston's in the States.