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Sep 3, 2004 11:46 AM

Raw Oyster Buffet?

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Does anyone know of any buffets that have raw oysters? As well, what type of oyster they offer and what the prices are as well? I think I could slide down 30 or so oysters right now!


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  1. That would be so awesome to find a buffet with all you can eat oysters but seeing how expensive they are, I can't see one happening in TO. If someone knows different, I would love to hear about it too! In the meantime I've been going to Whistling Oyster on Duncan Street for their 1/2 price happy hour. They have Malpeques and Aspy Bay oysters.


    1. You won't find it a gourmet oyster experience with much diversity of winkle-culture...

      But Fionn Maccools, with several downtown locations, offers a free oyster bar on Fridays. Yup, free. Go and chase a few down with a Guinness.


      1. Saw an advertisement for Movenpick/Marche where they are having a limited time offer (can't remember if it was the daily special for Sept. 10 or 11) for oysters...9 cents per oyster.