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Sep 2, 2004 06:43 PM

Indian restaurant with outdoor tents on Gerrard E?

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Last week's NOW magazine had a review and I accidentally tossed the paper. Is anyone familiar with this restaurant? Thanks!

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  1. It's Lahore Tikka House. It has great Indian food and eating outside on one of the picnic tables is half the fun.

    Earlier in the summer Now also named it one of the best summer patios.

    1. Its the only indian restaurant my family and i go too (we're indian). In fact, its the only indian restaurant any of our indian friends go to! It used to be better but now they are catering more to Canadians so its not as spicy spicy good as it used to be but you can ask for it to be more spicy if that is your thing. My favourite dish is kadai gosht (sizzling lamb curry) and the butter chicken is quite good. Do check it out -its ghetto but the food is so worth it.

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        Their fish biryani is also really good. Butter chicken too...

      2. Yes, Lahore Tikka House is quite good, and fun to sit out on a warm evening.

        You can always review the reviews in NOW online if you forget one that you read...