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Sep 2, 2004 01:58 PM


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Thinking of trying Anatolia tomorrow after reading all the great reviews here. Is it that good really? I am dying for some good Turkish food...Any recommendations from their menu?

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  1. Everything we tried was really good. From the appetizers section, the plate of mixed dipping sauces (with a yogurt, hummus, eggplant thing and a spicy mixed vegetable thing) was excellent. Also, there was a dish that was rice and pine nuts wrapped in grape leaves that was outstanding. From the dessert end of things, make sure you leave room for the kunefe - a light, salty cheese wrapped in pastry and baked then covered with syrup, it's an amazing thing.

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      Can't agree, I'm afraid. I, too, had heard some good things about it and we went last Saturday. The pide was nice as was the egglant appetizer (the first appetizer with the long name), but the mains were VERY disappointing. And too expensive.

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        I just noticed that a new Turkish restaurant is going to open across the street from the Ford Performance centre - where an Italian wood-oven restaurant used to be, wedged between a French restaurant and Taste of Spain. Might give it a try once it opens.

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          Patricia Wright

          Where is Anatolia?

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            Anatolia is in Etobicoke, north side of Dundas just east of Kipling

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            Patricia Wright

            Where is Anatolia?

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              Hi Dear

              Can somebody plz let me know the phone number and the address for a good turkish restaurant.
              It will be greatly appreciated.


      2. Our chowhound group had a dinner meet in July and everybody loved it. It is a definite must go restaurant.
        Jacquilynne is right - you have to save room and try the kunefe.

        1. Perhaps it's because I'm spoiled, having a Turkish life partner and thus having easy access to excellent Turkish cuisine, but I'm not a fan of the place. I mean, it's good for Toronto standards (limited market for Turkish cuisine), but by Turkish standards, it's really really mediocre.

          The borek have too much dough, not enough filling; the kebab dinners are really greasy; the appetizers are bland and simply not the right texture; and the list goes on.

          I agree that the kunefe is alright, but that's not a guarantee since they don't make it all of the time and when they do, they often run out of it.

          Anyway, I would say to give it a shot to see if it suits your tastes. It is authentic Turkish food, so you'll at least be able to decide whether or not Turkish food agrees with you in general.

          1. The first time we ate there 2 years ago, they had some real turkish dishes. By they time we returned this spring, they were most gone, replaced by generic middle east stuff. The food was fine, but not worth going very far for.