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Sep 2, 2004 12:09 PM

Marks & Spencers Extra Strong Tea Bags

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does anyone know of a place in the city where one can buy M&S Extra Strong Tea Bags? Loblaws used to carry them, but not anymore.

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  1. p
    Patricia Wright

    I have purchased them before at Valumart (in the Guild) but have not looked for them lately. They do sell other Marks and Sparks products there.

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    1. re: Patricia Wright

      Pardon my ignorance..but where is the Guild?

      1. re: Chili
        Patricia Wright

        The Guild also called Guildwood village. Scarborough. You drive north along Kingston Road past Eglinton and turn right at the Guildwood parkway. A short drive along this road will bring you to Brinkhoff's Valumart.

    2. s

      Marks & Sparks tea is near impossible to come by down in Toronto, but Loblaws DOES carry Typhoo which is JUST as good and strong as the M&S brand.