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Sep 2, 2004 11:28 AM

Deep Fried Mars Bar @ The Ex?

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I heard this culinary masterpiece available at the Ex. Anyone know if this is true? And if so, where can I get my hands on it?


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  1. I believe it is true!

    I never had one myself - but there was a food stand outside of the National Trade Centre advertising deep fried chocolate bars.


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    1. re: Chaagy

      Yes, I saw these in a midway concession. They were quite pricy - about $5 I think.

      1. re: GummyBear

        yes they are there.... twoards the front area (near the gates)... there is a big sign (concession on the sourth side of the walkway) for 5$. just walk along the games and you will see it

        they are very very very good, but i think your DR. would have a heart attack if he/she found out you had even one. it is very rich

      2. re: Chaagy

        You can also get them in Scarborough at St. Andrews Fish and Chips in the strip plaza on the south side of Ellesmere just west of McCowan.

        394 College 416-921-8308

        they have them here on their regular menu. it's a bar.

        1. c

          my heart and arteries don't. im going saturday, so i'll let you guys know how it goes...

          1. It's also available at Murphy's Law at 1702 Queen Street East - NW corner of Queen & Kingston Road. It comes with whipped cream on the side. Very very decadent.

            At the Ex, check out the churissimo's (east side of the food building), deep fried strips of dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and you can get chocolate sauce to dip them in. Much better than the Tiny Tom's donuts though those are good too but only right out of the deep fryer. Once they get cold, they're pretty gross!

            1. Excuse my ignorance but I do not understand this. How the heck do you deep fry a chocolate bar? What does it taste like?

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              1. re: beth

                Just a quote I got from a BBC website about deep fried mars bars:

                "Its existence may help account for the fact that parts of Scotland have the highest incidence of heart disease, cancer and strokes, the worst teeth and the lowest life expectancy in the developed world."

                1. re: beth

                  What you do is have batter that it is dipped in.. When it hits the oil the batter hardens trapping everything inside... Similar to Motzarella sticks... you cant deep fry cheese on its own but once the batter seals it you can! But if you have ever tried this at home you will know how many have a hole that ends up leaking the contents all over your fryer...

                  1. re: Bill
                    just too hungry

                    For best result, you freeze the mars bar (in case of mozzerella stick, the cheese). Frozen item will coat better in batter and give enough time in the oil for batter to harden before content starts to melt.

                    1. re: Bill

                      That sounds truely disgusting to me - and I love chocolate...