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Feb 3, 2001 12:13 PM

Bagels in Portland

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I'm tired of Noah's Bagels, where can a New York girl get a good freakin' bagel in Portland?

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  1. Lisa,

    Kornblatt's on NW 23rd used to make a good H&H style bagel, but the place changed hands some time ago and I haven't been in lately. Mother's (downtown on SW 2nd, just north of the Morrison Bridge) was flying in the real deal from H&H (frozen, but not too bad considering the alternative...also had bialys for awhile) but again, I'm not sure if they still are doing it.

    We have lots of great food here, but there are a few gaps.



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    1. re: Jim Dixon

      Have you tried Marsee Bakery's bagels? They are not H&H-like, which is actually what I like about them (despite living within two blocks of H&H for five years I always thought they were hideously fluffy). They are a much chewier bagel. Even their more non-traditional flavors (things like pesto and cornmeal, if I remember correctly) are really good, in my opinion.