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Aug 25, 2004 03:57 PM

Ali Baba Shawarma

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Hi there,

I'm hoping that someone out there can help me find whether Ali Baba Shawarma is still in business somewhere in Toronto or the GTA? My wife and I attended U of T during the 80s and on College St across from the Engineering buildings was in our opinion the best Shawarma establishment in Toronto. His "Secret Sauce" was amazing. It was a typical "divy" style diner serving all sorts of economical priced meals. Ali has moved a few times and we've since lost track of this amazing fellow. Does anyone remember this place and know of Ali's whereabouts?


Mike Oliveiro

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  1. There is a place called Ali Baba Middle Eastern Food on Parliament Street, just north of Gerrard. It might very well be the same people -- they opened four months ago.

    We had their 2 for 1 chicken Shawarma on Monday. Delicious. $5.99 for both. In fact that, along with a full falafel meal (including Hummus, Salad, and Rice with lentils) only set us back $12

    It's a bit of a hole in the wall, but friendly and delicious. We'll be back.

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      There is (was?) also an Ali Baba on the south side of Queen, between Bathurst and Portland. But I haven't been there in a couple of years, so I'm not certain if it's still there.

      1. re: Jo

        yes the ali babas on queen west is still there right beside a large parking lot across the street from amato's

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          There's also one on Dundas, between Roncesvalles and Howard Park (or there was last time I was down there)

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            There is also one on Weston Rd, not sure exactly, maybe around Lawrence. Check out 411, etc.

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              Yes there are a lot of them it seems.
              Fresh food, cheap prices , and friendly service.

              Let's recap, there is one at weston and lawrence,
              one at Queen west at portland, and another on queen west at lansdown. there is the one I was at today on dundas near roncessvales and one on parliament.

              One time at the parkdale one, for $6 i got a stewed lamb meal. it was just incredible stew with potoatoes and rice.

              i looked on canada411.com
              this is what i found.


                Ali Baba's Restaurant
              607 Queen Street West, 

                Ali Baba's Restaurant
              1430 Queen Street West, 

                Ali Babas Hala
              1878 Weston Road, 

                Ali Babas Hala
              415 Parliament Street,