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Jan 28, 2001 10:08 PM

Need a Bizarre New Place

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I am looking for something new to eat on my Day off. The Blue Onion Bistro is closed Monday and I cannot cook another meal. Looking for something out of the ordinary. Ethiopian or whatever..please throw me some suggestions. No more Italian, Pacific NW or basic staples.


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  1. Well, you said try Kokeb on 12th. It's near Seattle U. Their injera is pretty darn good and the platters are HUGE. Go for a combo to get the best deal.

    Or, for a different taste of Africa...try Afrikando on 1st. It's a personal fav with good atmosphere, friendly staff and scrumptious bites. Try the tamarind juice.

    Up north in the Roosevelt district there's Calypso. They serve Carribean food...jerk and all. Try the keshy yena (I think that's what it's called.) It's this great cheesy appetizer. Perfect on a rainy Seattle night. about Polynesian? I like Luau's over Ohana's...but that's a judgement call. So, try Luau's on 56th (I think.) about some soul food? The Kingfish Cafe cannot be missed. I don't remember the street...but find it. I LOVE their fried green tomatoes.

    I wouldn't say any of these places are bizarre...but they're definitely not your standard NW fare. What else are you looking for? There's plenty of good stuff in town if you just know where to look.

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      I agree completely about Afrikando and Luau. It's been a while since I've eaten at Afrikando, so I don't remember exactly what I had, something stewy with root vegetables and a peanut sauce. That and the juices were excellent. Both Luau and Ohana are fun but Luau definitely has better food. I go there often and have never had a bad meal.

      1. re: Lauren

        I prefer Luau over Ohana too. Both offer a unique atmosphere and excellent Polynesean menus. Ohana's menu offers more of a Japanese influence than Luau.

        Marco's Supper Club also in Belltown serves a varied menu ranging from Caribean to local to Thai. While the menu is all over the map execution is consitent.

        Paseo in Fremont serves mainly Cuban-style grilled meats over rice with a tasty semi-sweet sauce.

        Inay's in the University District serves Phillipino fare in hearty portions. Most dishes are in the college student budget of under $5. For $5 don't expect a gourmet meal but it is an excellent deal.

        For Soul Food I love Kingfish. I also recommend Catfish Corner in the Central Distirct and Nappy Griddle in Beacon Hill.

        There are many other choices for restaurants that are not opened on Monday.

    2. Try Fasica in Columbia City for great Ethiopian food.
      Zero atmosphere but huge platters at small prices. Two people, plugged with good fresh food, $10.00.
      You can't beat Catfish Corner in the CD. The hush puppies are wonderful.
      Try Daimonji in George Town for fast, fresh, Japanese fair. The Daimonji Bento Box is a real plugger.
      I don't consider these places bizarre either.
      Just great, fresh, food at reasonable prices.