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Samosas to go

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Do any of you highly respected chowhounds know of a good place to buy take out samosas (vegetarian or meat) in quantities? Hoping to find a place downtown. Thank you for your help!

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  1. This is the place!

    A large variety of flavours both meat & vegetarian, cooked and uncooked, fresh or frozen.

    They have a small sign outside proclaiming just how many " millions " served ( maybe not yet millions )!

    It is on O'Connor Drive between Bermondsey and Victoria Park, closer to Victoria Park I'd say.

    Can't recall the name, but it is on your left heading from V. P. or coming along O'Connor towards V.P. it's on your right.

    Haven't seen any other place like it in the Toronto area!!!

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      This the same Sultan of Samosas mentionned above. Very close to Vic Park at Sunrise and O'Connor. I am a big fan. Their spinach and cheese samosa is excellent. Other flavours include beef, chicken (lotsa ginger and fresh coriander), lentil and mixed vegetables. I like them all.

      I highly recommend, but they are not the average samosa: the pastry is more like filo pastry than the typical pastry. In addition they are not cheap, but they do have some deductions for larger orders I believe.

      They come with fresh coriander and tamarind chutneys.

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        Following up on what's been posted... there's a bakery on Runnymede at Bloor that carries samosas from Sultan of Samosas. (I inquired once whether the samosas were made on site, and they pointed me to the Sultan). The samosas they carry are bigger than the ones SOS sells; I think they may be custom ordered. (Retail at 1.50 each)

        Oh yea, the place is Sunglow Bakery (and holds its own as a bakery too.)

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          I had a couple of the vegetarian samosas from the Sunglow Bakery today and they were very good! Nice to have a close location to get yummy samosas from!


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          I adore the Sultan's samosas. Also, I appreciate the other suggestions above; I will definitely try them out.

          I must mention Dinah's Cupboard. They have absolutely sublime samosas. They are not cheap, but they are also not small. They are wonderfully intricate in both contents and spicing.

          Hers are the most delicious samosa I have ever had. And, I have had many.

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        It's not downtown, but the Sultan of Samosas (1677 O'Connor Drive) sells a variety of samosas that you can take out to cook at home, or they will cook them on site for you as well!

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          I tried the Sultan of Samosa today and they are certainly good. Smaller than what I am used to but really stuffed with filling. I only tried the vegetable samosas so I will have to go back and try some of the others. The one thing I would say (which may have been mentioned before) is that they were a bit greasy but I would still highly recommend them.

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            Next time you at the Sultan, try the Mutton (with a nice amount of cilantro) and the Potato and Cheese (which is really subtle with a bit of cumin and is perfect with tamarind). If you order a full dozen or any one flavour, they usually have to cook it to order and it comes out crisper and although more oily, the oil drains off better too.

        2. i'm sure you can get them in quantities from ghazali's on bloor at bathurst. and if you want lots, you can order them ahead of time. they only have take out.

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            where is this place? I tried to find it on saturday but couldn't.

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              Ghazali's is next door to Bloor Cinema - on the right hand side. Tiny entrance but big smell. Impossible not to find it. :-)

              1. re: blue bike

                I went to ghazalis today and the samosas were great! the beef one was fresh and crisp and flavourful. the veggie one was microwaved, and that made me sad because it wasn't crisp anymore, but it tasted amazing!

          2. There is a woman in the north building of St Lawrence Market every Saturday who sells all sorts of Indian foods and relishes.
            I don't know the name of her business, but as you enter from Front St, walk down the left aisle and she is on the left side of the aisle, about 2/3 of the way down. The only one of her kind, so you're unlikely to miss her.
            Samosa's are tasty and she always has samples of her products to try.

            1. Samosa king at finch/middlefield has a great deal on veg samosa's and the taste good

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                I agree. Great deal 5 samosas for a buck and always fresh long lineups around lunch and dinner time!

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                  Yes, the veggie samosas are really fresh. I buy them and freeze them; they even crisp up again in the oven. The Indian sweets are also quite fun to try!

              2. I buy mine at Mahar Resturant in Little India. 3 for a buck, with all the sauces etc.
                Recently grabbed 100 for a get together. Very authentic.

                Mahar Restaurant, 1410 Gerrard St East 416-466-6241

                1. OK re. the place I mentioned , the name Sultans Of Samosa does sound familiar, on O'Connor Dr.

                  I'll check out some of the other places mentioned as I can, but as I stated this is it! The only place I have seen devoted in it's entirety, in a retail location , to SAMOSAS, and as stated offering it so variable!

                  Been there about 6 or 7 times and I live north west an easy hour away!

                  1. I retract my endorsement of Samosa King ...see my experience today at


                    1. moti mahal has amazing samosa.. really good quality.. other ones r such cheap quality thats y u can get so many for $1.. but motimahal has them $0.60 cents each and its worth it!

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                        I know this thread is a few years old, but what's still considered the best places to get samosas on the Gerrard India Bazaar strip???

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                          I have to agree with what indianchik said a while ago...Moti Mahal has excellent samosas. The veggie ones are huge and to die for...I'm not as big a fan of the meat ones, just because I like a mix of meat and veg, and theirs are packed with pure meat (which I know some people like...they're just not my style).

                      2. I like to Samosas from B&J supermarket on Gerrard at Ashdale. They're 3/$1 and re-crisp well in the oven or toaster oven. They're nice and spicy!

                        1. I agree with Ian....Mahar on Gerrard are the BEST! Plump, crispy and spicy......AND cheap!

                          3 for $1

                          I have been loyal to that restaurant for 18 years!

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                            Sultan of Samosas is not the real deal...they don't use the traditional chick pea dough that give samosas that light texture...more like greek phyllo pastry...for what they are they can be tasty, but they are NOT authentic samosas...the best and most authentic samosas are still at Samosa King on Finch near Markham Rd. and they are cheap 20 cents (maybe 25 cents) for a vegetarian samosa

                            1. re: Finnegan

                              I thought someone mentioned earlier that Samosa King didn't use chickpea flour either, but I can't find the comment. Does anyone know? I'd be happy to make the trek if they do!

                              1. re: voracious

                                I read it too...I've been going there for years and haven't noticed any difference. Icabn only assume they used chick pea flour in the past and continue to do so or the never did in the first place...regardless they are crisp and hot a delicious and blow away the competition

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                                  Man, they were fantastic! I didn't manage to solve the chickpea vs wheat flour question - when I asked, the clerk just smiled enigmatically. Samosa King also has very decent vegetarian and meat thali for $4.99. I saw some sensational-looking dosas going by, but I was too full.

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                                    I read the comment re the King changing away from chickpea flour and repeated/questioned it in a recent post --searching for the truth. Last week I picked up 20 and felt they weren't as crispy and thin as I had previously had. But what do I know? So tonight I picked up a few cold samosas from an Indian grocery store on Kerr St. in Oakville and what difference. The fillling wasn't as good as Samosa King (too salty), and they weren't warm, but the dough was super thin and crispy - even cold. WOW. If that is the chickpea flour difference, I am sold.

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                                  Different regions of India use different types of dough. It doesn't mean one is authentic and the other is not. India is a very big country. Not everyone cooks the same way, and I'm sure if you had the same dish in various regions it would be different in every one.

                                  At home, we make samosas the way Sultan of Samosas do. Believe me, it is authentic.

                              2. There is a restaurat on Airport Rd that has the best somosa i've had. I know it is a bit of a drive. Seet India north of Derry Rd. Homemade and crispy, well spiced and a terrific sauce. 3 for a buck.

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                                  Definitely not traditional samosas (a puff pastry style dough), but the large quantities available at South Indian Dosa Mahal (Bloor & Lansdowne) are certainly tasty and cheap!

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                                    was at South Indian Dosa Mahal yesterday. They make their samosa using spring roll wrappers! Disdapointing that they aren't the real thing.