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Jan 16, 2001 09:28 AM

Are there Great Steaks besides Metro in Settle?

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I understand I could get robbed at Metro... Does anyone have a secret Steak house with great quality but no thieves operating it?

Dave in Seattle

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  1. Dave,

    I'm not sure you were "robbed" at the Met, just given a financial attitude adjustment. (They DO have great steaks and good service.)

    The "secret" steak house your are looking for is Jak's in West Seattle. Good quality, well priced and because of that, hard to get in. (I guess other people want the same equation.)

    I have not tried the new Fleming Steak House yet (Downtown on Third) but I hear it is well priced with better than average food. Their real claim to fame is that ALL of their wines are available by the glass...even the rarist.

    Finally, you won't save any money, but Morton's of Chicago (5th Avenue, downtown) is just terrific. Phenominal lobster too! Great service and the kind of decandent atmosphere the Nero must have felt while Rome burned. Alas, it may even been slightly more expensive than the Met. The side dishes are better though. After a hearty meal you have a strange desire to dring Cognac and watch the Columbia Tower burn!


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      My wife and I go for a good steak about once per month. These are the places we've been recently:

      Morton's: Good steak, but there are better choices. The menu presentation was cheesy, and they overcooked my scallop appetizer. My martini was mediocre.

      Ruth's Chris: IMHO, this is the best steak. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned. Get the Porterhouse for two for a complete steak experience. Service is excellent, but atmosphere is lacking. Good martini.

      El Gaucho: Great steak, great atmosphere. Very swanky. Pretty good for people watching; we've seen Sonics players at the bar. It's fun to order the flaming dishes (try the lamb kabob). They also have an excellent Chateaubriand that's carved and sauced tableside. Fantastic martini.

      Daniel's Broiler (Bellevue): Good food, crappy service. They screwed up our drink orders, and our side dish orders. Took too long for them to resolve the issues. Good martini.

      Hope this helps!


    2. The pub steak at Marco's Supperclub is excellent. The veal chop at Lampreia is also superb. They aren't "steak houses" but they are the only steaks I can recommend. I am very picky and usually only cook my own because the so-called steak house steaks are so flavorless.

      1. Similar atmosphere...a little more sultry than the Met. Steaks are the sure fire hit here. A bit pricey, but the wonderous cuts cooked to perfection should be worth it.

        1. The Met, El Gaucho, Ruth's Chris, Morton's and Canlis are all great but for the money I would recommned Zoe's rib-eye, Dulces Latin Bistro's filet mignon ($24) and Brasa's tenderloin ($30).

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            Elizabeth Paulsen

            For my money nothing beats the new arrival to Seattle, Spencer's for Steaks and Chops.

            Of course as their webmaster I'm pretty partial, but really they have the best food I've ever tasted and their ambience is great.

            They use an infrared broiler at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to sear the outside of their steaks. Their steaks are all USDA Prime Midwestern corn fed beef that has been aged a minimum of three weeks to reach maximum flavor and tenderness.

            They're located just NW of the main entrance to SeaTac Airport right next to the lobby of the Hilton Seattle Airport.

            Even though the rest of the hotel is undergoing a complete rebuild, the steakhouse has been open since October 24, 2000.

            Steak dinner prices range from 18.75 to 29.75.

            You can dress casual to formal. If you want a crowd, go during the week when they have a lot of hotel traffic. If you want a quieter time, go on the weekend because most local folks don't know about them yet.

            If you want a longer review about their decor, etc. let me know.



            Image: http://www.spencersforsteaksandchops....