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Aug 12, 2004 05:32 PM

Indian-style Chinese food

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Does anyone know where I can find indian-style chinese food in Toronto/GTA?

It's a unique fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisine, that came from Hakka Chinese, who migrated to India from Canton in the early 1900s.


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  1. See previous thread below. There have been other mentions of Hakka before this, too - do a keyword search!


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      Alek in Toronto

      I don't know much about this style of food but LIN GARDEN on Pharmacy Avenue in Scarborough is a great choice for this style. I love their Chili Chicken and House Shrimp! YUMMY!

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      1. re: Alek in Toronto

        Definite thumbs up to Lin Garden! We go there once a week or so for lunch, and its always packed. I could go for an order of House Shrimp right now I think... :-)

        1. re: Vise

          Based on all the good reviews here and in the other thread, we went to Lin Garden last night. House Shrimp was indeed really yummy -- lightly dusted with seasoning and fried. Tasty, juicy. Unfortunately the rest of the meal was really disappointing. Wonton soup was ok, not great (so-so broth, scantily filled wontons -- the wonton soup at peruvian El Bodegon, of all places, is the best I've had in the city). Chili Chicken and Hakka Noodles were both incredibly bland and uninteresting.

          Too bad. But I'll try some of the other places mentioned and hope for better!

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        I don't have the address, but my friend (who's Indian) keeps telling about this Indian Chinese restaurant called Fredericks in Scarborough (I think she said Brimley?)

        1. Also:

          1) Kim Ling: southeast corner of Birchmount and Lawrence in Scarborough...try the garlic beef

          2) i don't know the name: east side of Kennedy, south of Denison...same plaza as Pizza Pizza and across from a high school/community centre...try the chilli chicken

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          1. re: Goober

            P.S. The place is north of Denison (I went to that high school :)), but now I'm intrigued by that unsuspecting place and I'll go give it a try.

          2. Please note that the multiple recommendations of Fredericks mean Federicks - it's usually packed and a heck of a lot easier to make reservations if you have the right name!

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            1. re: estufarian

              I am constantly amazed that anyone could recommend this place. The food is absolute swill, and that's no hyperbole. Awful, really awful.

              1. re: wordsworth

                Where in the GTA would you go instead for the same type of food?