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Aug 12, 2004 01:09 AM


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Hi all,

I have one junky food craving that I've never been able to shake: donairs.

I first got hooked on them while spending a summer in Halifax, but I've never been able to recapture the almost unspeakably wonderful pleasure of eating a dripping, greasy, football-sized donair in Toronto.

So, I have a fairly simple question: Does anyone know of a place that serves Halifax-styles donairs in this town? Suggestions in the downtown core would be much appreciated. Also, I've had some suggest gyros as a suitable equivalent, but they're never quite the same (perhaps it's the lack of that sweet, sweet sauce).



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  1. Okay - I migth be wrong but I do know that the fast food chain Pita Pizazz does sell donairs with the sweet sauce.

    Now I know that they used to be pretty good about 5 years ago (steamed pitas and a really nice sauce) but I have not been to one recently. I also could not find a website so I don't know where the closest one is for you. They are usually located in food courts...

    Does anyone else have any thoughts?

    1. I have heard that Gyros on Elm at Yonge does a donair worthy of Pizza Corners. There is also supposed to be a place in the Bathurst & Bloor area (I think that is it called Greco's?).

      Keep in mind, I am just passing on info. Unfortunately, I have never been to either place so I can't give a personal opinion.

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        There is a small place on east side of Yonge St just south of Gerrard operated by Turks, at least one of whom came from Berlin - land of many donair shops. The donairs are not huge but I would go back.

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          The Berserker

          The place on Elm St. just west of Yonge is called Gyros, but prominently advertises that it serves Nova Scotian donairs. I can't comment on the authenticity, as I've not eaten there.

        2. h

          I haven't tried all the places mentioned by the other chowhounds, but gyros are NOT the same as donairs. Take it from a native Haligonian, I have been missing donairs since I moved to Ontario in 89. I binge on them every time I'm home in Halifax. I have eaten many bad imitations. The keys are in the spices and that specially blended sauce! The sweet sauce I've had here isn't the same. Please let me know if you find a place!

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            I don't know if these are the same as Halifax but there's a place in Burlington called "Sammy's Donairs" that is really good. I've been unable to find one that compares in Toronto but keep looking. It's the consistency of the sauce that makes it and if the pita is not too thick. Greek pita won't do.

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            The Checkerboard Resturant in Kitchener has Donairs just like home. This is the only place in Ontario that I could find a real donair sweet sauce and all. They are on Belmont Ave. just up from the corner of Belmont and Union St. Kitchener isn't that big so If you ask for directions people should know.

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              I went to Gyros yesterday after seeing the sign. The Donair was small, but the sauce was just as I remembered. My only other complaint was that the meat was a little too tender.

              Considering all the other "donairs" I have eaten in ontario looking for the real thing, Gyros gets an A.


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              Andy McIntosh

              Re-posting to this thread...

              Greco Expess has expanded into Ontario. Greco pizza is the major donair chain in the Maritimes. Not as good as a true pizza Corner donair (it's a chain after all) but I like 'em! plus they have Garlic Fingers. Yum!
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