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Aug 9, 2004 02:41 PM

Celebrating an anniversary this friday

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Hi Chowhounds

I am looking for a nice place to go to celebrate an anniv. this friday the 13th ;)

I was thinking Canoe, or something along those lines. The issue is the menu does not suite our tastes (we are really pasta/chicken/steak eaters) no fish or seafood. While I have eaten and loved Canoe, I am looking for something with a bit more varity.

So what are my options?

I was thinking Sotto Sotto or Bistro 990

What's everyone's thoughts?


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  1. I would say pass on either of those choices (Sotto2 or Bis990). Both are well-known for their VIP/Hollywood clientele and have the reputation of shortchanging non-VIP's in the service department, while charging high prices. Like I said in a past post, any restaurant you see mentioned too much in Rita Zekas' "Star Gazing" column (the one with all the paparazzi photos) does not deserve CHowhound business.

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    1. re: TexSquared

      can you recommend some alternatives....?


      1. re: Lorne

        How about Mistura. Charming, friendly and lovely food!

    2. If you like pasta, there's Scaramouche Pasta Bar, or La Fenice. Both are expensive, but you did say it's a special occasion.