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Dec 15, 2000 11:37 AM

coffee beans from PDX to LGA

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Hey, fellow coffee lovers.

I recently gave up New York coffee, deciding instead to order my beans from cities where coffee is more of a religious experience than a necessary chore.

I ordered a pound of beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters on SE Division in Portland, and they were excellent.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other places that will ship their beans out here? I'm looking for something deep, complex, and freshly roasted, and for something more homegrown than Peets or Seattle's Best.

I also need to buy a new grinder, and I'm willing to spend up to $75. Any suggestions?



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  1. I live in Portland, and the best coffee here comes from Torrefazione Italia (actually started in Seattle). I use their Perugia blend in my espresso machine. Order online at

    The SF-based Peets recently came to town, and a lot of people love it (I think they, like Starbucks, roast a bit too dark). It's available online at:

    Be sure to get a burr grinder instead of a cheaper blade grinder. It's the only way to get a consistent grind. My local Peets had a beauty for $120, but I picked up a Capresso brand at damaged goods store for $20 (list is $50) and it works very well.

    I switched to straight espresso, and my Krups semi-commercial is a workhorse. Krups has a great rep for sturdy, trouble-free machines. You can usually find the semi-commercial model on sale for $200, but the smaller pump models work well, too. I also use a basic stovetop Vesuvio pot.

    If you like cappucino or anything with foamed milk, the simple hand-pumped frothers (they look sort of like a French press, but you put in the hot milk and pump vigorously to froth) work better than any of the home espresso machines.



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      has anyone tried this perugia? opinion? is it worth the cost + shipping? better alternatives?

    2. The best coffee in Seattle is from a small roaster called Vivace. They roast DAILY and it's the best I've had ever. It's a local religion. There isn't a local coffee lover in Seattle who hasn't had a terrific cup of coffee from there.
      Another small but terrific one is Lighthouse roasters. I would heartily recommend getting some vivace first, then some from lighthouse.
      You can find both of them on the (see link below)


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        Amanda Plyley

        Definitely on the south end of the Pacific Northwest (we like to call it Baja Oregon) in coastal Mendocino: Thanksgiving Coffee.


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          Christopher Armstrong

          I think Santa Claus has been hanging out at Under my tree, I found a La Pavoni burr grinder and a pound of beans from Guse's Coffee in Longview, Washington (hometown of my significant other).

          Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I hope to sample all of them in the coming months.


          1. I think some of the best coffee to be found is right here in Seattle at Caffe Vita and I am sure they ship anywhere in the country if asked. i have had SF and NY people comment how fabulous their coffee is. Cheers.