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Aug 8, 2004 10:13 AM

ISO mozzarella for pizza making

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(I apologize in advance for the longwindedness of this request)

We have been making our own pizza for some time now. We are pretty happy with it except for one aspect: the mozzarella. We've tried using various higher fat mozzarellas - shopping in supermarkets, Italian stores, cheese stores. None of the cheeses we've tried have really been right. We've tried grating and slicing thinly - thinking that that might solve the problem. But the cheese never gets the proper soft stringy texture. We pull the pizza out of the oven just as the cheese is starting to bubble.

Perhaps it's considered gauche but we'd like to get the same kind of mozzarella that is used at pizza joints. Any time we've had pizza at a restaurant, the cheese is always good (or we think so). Their pizzas are not necessarily better than our homemade pizza though and if we only had their cheese, our pizza would be far superior. Obviously the cost of pizzajoint mozzarella is kept at a minimum in order to ensure maximum profit for the pizzajoint owner. We would also like to pay less rather than more as long as quality doesn't suffer....

So?? Any ideas? What and where exactly in the Toronto area should we be looking? It would be ideal if it were within bicycling distance to Kensington Market.

(I really hope that it isn't a temperature thing because we can't get our oven up to as high a heat as a pizza joint oven! Just in case it's a technique problem, I have added a link to our pizza recipe)


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  1. Gee with our large Italian population, I thought you'd have some replies. I see you are doing everything just about right, trying different cheees, higher fat mozzarella, etc. Heck, even barbecue pizza with that high heat and fast cooking should do the job!

    I can suggest something simple may help. Grate cheese as late as possible and do not pack it all down onto one plate, use several. Drop cheese on to pizza with a light hand, allowing to gently drop and pile higher. I try to be gentle adding cheese.

    I love making pizzas, and don't even mind using pitas or flour tortillas to enjoy variety. And I use a variety of cheeses.

    Now, you have prompted me to make a cheese posting as well!

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      Thank you for your reply. I think we are already doing that. It must be the cheese.... What brand, fat content and moisture content of mozzarella are you using that yours melts properly? (ie: stringy)

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        I can say, I don't use any particular Brands, but do frequent cheese manufacturers in the Woodbridge area and when I was having such problems of my own, did find higher fat content cheese as well as another cheese that I can't think of the name, helped, an Italian cheese outlet will rescue the name for you.

        I do believe the freshly grated, delicate dropping of the cheese helps. I do not use a lot, lot of wet sauce!

        I can tell you that with the same ingredients, the best pizzeria in my area, makes great pizza --- but I can really tell when the wife makes it so superbly as opposed to the husband.

        Same ingredients, different feel.

        I suggest you get together with that really hot barbecue, and have a pizza party to see who has the hands for pizza. Have a variety of pizzas emerging.

        A spicy one for the devils could be could be good with hot stuff like various hot peppers, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, etc., not for the faint-hearted

        With a bunch of coolers to keep cool, ingredients prepared, dough to stretch, and go for it!!

        One last suggestion in that you make your dough, also for such a gathering, buy a few prepared doughs from Italian bakeries.

        And when you prepare your own dough, add generous freshly crushed black pepper to the dough for one terrific crust!!