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Aug 7, 2004 08:06 PM

Decent Thai in Bloor West Village: Simply Thai cuisine

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Just to say that at 2553 Bloor Street West there is a thai resto worth the try. Simply Thai!

Reliable dishes, extensive menu, great for those hwo live in the west end and don't want to go downtown.

Suggestions: Fresh chicken or vegetable rolls, lamb or pork pad ped, pad thai, garlic pork.

Try it!

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    A small mistake in the address for Simply Thai, it is actually 2253 Bloor St W. Their phone number is 416-769-8866.

    I've been to Simply Thai in the past, when I was looking for Thai restaurants on the west end. In my personal opinion (please take no offense, Frederic), I did not find Simply Thai a good enough restaurant. The dishes tasted "watered down", just not enough flavour and spices. I would not go back there. I prefer the drive to downtown for one of the so many good Thai places already mentioned in this board.