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Aug 6, 2004 08:14 PM

Taste Of The Danforth - Friday, early PM

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Went to Taste of the Danforth at 5:30 this evening. A family tradition.
Me, chow-spouse and our two chow-teens (18 and 15). Start early. Cool weather kept the crowds down about 25% in my estimation from earlier years, but still a fair bit of people

Some quick highlights to recommend:

Silk Road - Calamari! Grilled, not fried, and beautiful.

Sher-E-Punjab - Kabob on Naan; moist and savoury.

Seven Numbers on the Danforth - yes they're open and serving some tasty BBQ veal sausages and vegetable fritters. (didn't hit the lasagna.)

Ouzeri - Lamb and rosemary pie. (An annual favorite.)

Plaza Garibaldi - Their $5 sampler plate offered two Mexican mice, a taco and a quesadilla. Mice were the best; homemade hot sauce, guacamole and add-your-own cilantro zapped the rest nicely.

Zorba's -BBQ quail were crusty and well seasoned. And the Kokoretsi were (was?) good as well, if a bit too heavy on the liver for my taste.

Add the usual grilled corn, lemonade, the odd souvlaki, funnel cakes and ice cream waffles and you get the picture.

Bottom line: the good stuff is very good, but there's a LOT of mediocre (or worse) kabobs out there. Keep looking for stuff out of the ordinary.

Have fun!

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  1. s
    Susan In Toronto

    We usually go, but weather this year (and other plans this evening) are keeping us away. We live fairly close to the Danforth, so often walk up there anyway. I love the chicken and rosemary pie at the Ouzeri - always a favourite.

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    1. re: Susan In Toronto

      I don't mean to sound off about this but something has happened to this wonderful little event over the years.

      Perhaps it has become a victim of its own success but there are a lot of nasty people who come and then do horrible things like dump corn cobs into the tree planters or get ugly drunk and then try to paw women on the street.

      Glad that people have found some delights at this year's festival. It definitely looked like it was hopping.

    2. Went to the Danforth this afternoon.

      We tried quail which was quite good. The meat was still moist, good grilled flavour. $3 but can't remember which stand. It was the first on selling quail once we got of at the Broadview station.

      I then went to Ouzeri and had their lamb and rosemary pie ($3). Flavour was good, I liked the larger chunks of lamb interpersed amongst the ground lamb. I would have liked a little more rosemary flavour to stand out. A little greasy but I still enjoyed it.

      Got some Baklava next. IT was at this little stand with the money going to and eldery home or something. 2 bucks for a piece of walnut baklava. Very sweet, hard to eat with a fork, and oozing honey. Could it get any better?

      Finally we lined up in a long line outside the Astoria I believe it's called for the $2 pork souvlaki. The line up is deceiving, but the souvlaki was first class. I find that souvlaki tends to be quite dry from overcooking, but theirs were moist and succulent. I enjoyed it very much.

      Didn't have the stomach for spinach or cheese pies, although they were quite large pieces and looked delicious. Maybe tommorow, maybe another day.

      1. Strolled down the Danforth tonight with a few friends for some late evening eating and really liked Ouzeri's lamb and rosemary pies. Closer to midnight they were selling 2 for $5 (reg $2 each), so I grabbed them to make up for Silk Road's sold out famous calamari.

        The cheese and spinach pies ($2) I liked most were directly infront of the IGA, the stand didn't have a name but they were hot and not greasy at all. The souvlaki stand infront of the Pape Scotiabank was also tasty and moist, my only complaint was that they used a little too much lemon juice.

        Mostly an adult crowd this evening, Sunday should be really busy with families out enjoying the sunshine.