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Aug 5, 2004 04:25 PM

Visiting Toronto Suggestions Please

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I'm traveling to Toronto on business tomorrow and I'm looking for some really great food. What are the best places in Toronto? I'm open to any cuisine. I'm also looking for a variety of price ranges so I have options.


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  1. I will be having a meal with a client so some upscale recommendations would also be appreciated.

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    1. re: DavO

      Two suggestions for restaurants suitable for a business meal:

      1) Canoe
      Toronto-Dominion Tower, 66 Wellington St. W.
      Located on the 54th floor of the TD Tower in downtown Toronto, offers spectacular views of the city, as well as fine cuisine.

      2) Auberge du Pommier
      4150 Yonge Street
      Located in uptown Toronto (Yonge and 401), great food and impeccable service.

      Enjoy your visit!


      1. re: DavO

        Here are two suggestions for extravagant meals. My favourite restaurant in the city is Susur (chef Susur Lee). I've had the privilege of dining there twice and both experiences were absolutely wonderful. As long as your pretty adventurous, I would say Susur is a must and I'd suggest the 7-course prix fixe (mine included pig ear, sweetbreads, tongue). Everything is perfect... atmosphere, service and food.
        Second I would suggest Splendido Bar & Grill 88 Harbord St.; 416-929-7788.
        For great cheap French food, try Le Paradis.

        good luck and enjoy your stay

        1. re: Alison

          Please keep in mind that Susur is closed until Sept 7

      2. I would give Susur a miss, as I find it very unfriedly and not great. (Apparently I'm the only one in the city that feels that way, though.) You can't go wrong with Chiado (Portuguese), Mistura (Nuveau Italian), Boba, or mmmmm Perigee, which is dining cum kitchen theatre. Have fun!

        1. Oh, and The Fifth is wonderful, too.