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Aug 5, 2004 04:05 PM

Tasty Thursdays at Nathan Phillips Square

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I went for lunch today they had a bunch of booths from different restaurants around the city. Line ups were short (except at the Real Jerk).

I had a Buffalo burger with Carmalized apple & tomato pesto for $5 from JW's Steak house (no one ahead of me in line!). The burger was a good size nice and juicy and the toppings were great. Fresh soft fresh bun. Best $5 lunch I had in a long time. Plus they gave a $10 off coupon for tehir restaurant. I will definately go back next week (on through end of August).

They also have live music in the bandshell...

Ichiban Sushi
JW's Steakhouse
Las Brisas Eatery
Marché Mövenpick
Le Commensal Fine Vegetarian Cuisine
Milestone's Grill & Bar
Mr. Greek Restaurants Inc.
Satay on the Road
The Real Jerk
Wildfire Steakhouse


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  1. Can't wait! Why didn't I hear about this before/how did i miss this???

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      Wow! This sounds like really good fun. I never heard of it either. Thanks for sharing. Anything else like this going on in the city?? And how did you come across it? Just wondering.



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        City of Toronto website list most of these types of events...