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Dec 7, 2000 04:28 PM

Seattle Sushi

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Chicago resident looking for the best sushi in Seattle. I'll be in Seattle over the New Years holiday--staying downtown (I think--6th and Pike)and won't have access to a car. Any suggestions???

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  1. Shiro's At 2nd & Battery in Belltown (a short walk from the downtown area, towards the Space Needle.)
    A little pricey, but then, the best quality sushi always is.

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      Dunno about downtown sushi, but I've been to Nishino and liked it. (Disclaimer: I'm not a big sushi eater, so I don't have a wealth of experience in the area.) It's also a bit pricy.

      It's not downtown; it's on E. Madison, just above Lake Washington Boulevard. You'd take the 11 bus and get off at LWB. Nishino is in the little shopping center just past the gas station on the left.


    2. If you're downtown, and don't want to leave the area, I second the Shiro's suggestion.

      BUT - if you're willing to put a litte travel time in head to West Seattle for Mashiko's, on California Avenue. Hands down the freshest, most succulent I've had in the city. Wonderful presentation. Also less pricey and the combo platters are the BEST. Great Sake selection (try "Great Mountain" the one with the mountain on the side). It's constantly packed, so go early and plan to wait - bright atmosphere, loud music, not a spot to linger too long, unless you pile your table high with sushi.

      1. Hi there,
        I third the Shiro's suggestion. Also, a new spot in Belltown (northwest of where you're staying, but still downtown) is very popular and kind of an "in" place, if that's what you're looking for---Wasabi. It's on second and battery.

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          My husband and I own a sushi bar in Seattle, but I won't shamelessly try to plug our place. As in all cities some people buy really good fish, some don't. Some have really trained as sushi chefs in Japan, others just say that because who's going to know? Here's ideas of where we'd go for a rare night for fun and fish (not everyone here has trained in Japan)...I Love Sushi in Bellevue and Seattle (Sato at the Bellevue rest. makes excellent rolls), Mashiko is good and a whole lot of fun, Nishino is elegant and very nice, Toyoda Sushi is also a lot of fun, I haven't been to Sanmi but I know they buy good fish. Where is best depends on what you want. If you want really good japanese cooked food there are great places in China Town and The Eastside. Good Luck!

          1. re: Anita

            Actually I'd LIKE to hear a plug on your restaurant, Anita!

          2. re: ali

            Azuma in the Pacific Rim Shopping Center on Jackson off I-5 is a real find. Just opened a couple of months ago. Don't be put off by the empty "kaiten" belt -the sushis are made fresh and extremely fresh and high quality ingredients are used. Sushis range from $1-$7, but you can get excellent spider rolls and spicy tuna/scallop rolls for just $2. The restaurant is clean and tastefully decorated in a brand new indoor Asian mall with free indoor parking. (Why try find parking in nearby Chinatown or downtown?)

          3. Taste of Tokyo in Bellevue serves up generous slices of top quality fish and has good cooked dishes as well...even hamachi-kama (grilled tuna collar). Citysearch hasn't even reviewed it but it's well worth a mention -- Bellevue needs all the good food it can get!!