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Aug 5, 2004 02:55 PM

Pod Coffee Makers

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Hope someone can help. I've been looking everywhere for a POD/Single Serve coffee maker as a wedding gift. It'd be ideal since only the groom likes coffee.

The machines that I'm most interested in are the Melitta One and Philips Senseo(read really good reviews on this one). I've found them on all the major US online stores (target, walmart, amazon, etc...) but none ship to Canada. If anyone knows of any canadian stores that sell, preferably in the Toronto area, please let me know.

I'm also open to recommendations of other similar coffee machines. The pod ones seem ideal with ease of use, minimal cleanup and priced under $100.

Here are some product links if you're curious.

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  1. I know I saw one of these at the new Bed Bath and Beyond store in Ajax (I would assume their other GTA locations would have it to). First time I saw one was at a Williams Sonoma back in June, but it was a location in West Nyack, NY so I can't say if their Canadian stores have it yet if at all; worth a try if you happen to be near one anyway.

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      I didn't realize Bed Bath & Beyond had come to Canada. I can find no references to it anywhere, including the BBB website, but you mentioned that there were several GTA locations. Can you give us some more details, such as where exactly they're located? Thanks so much!

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        I went to the BB&B location at the Durham Centre in Ajax. They had their grand opening in mid-July and had opening weekend discount coupons in the local papers so we headed out to take a look. My initial reaction - they put The Bay Home Outfitters to shame. Wait till you see the variety and the pricing.

        Anyway, to get to it, take the 401 east out of Toronto, exit at Westney Road, turn left (northbound), then right at Kingston Rd. Turn left at Harwood, then immediately turn right after the gas station to go into the parking lot. The store will be to your left down that entrance road. If you're familiar with the area, it's where the Ajax Loblaws used to be until it moved west on Kingston to the new Superstore location.

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          Thanks very much!!! Will check it out.

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          Sorry, Tina. Huge mistake I made. It wasn't Bed Bath and Beyond, it was Linens N Things. You can see a list of Canadian locations at:


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            Thanks for letting me know, T2. You said the prices are good, so I'll go check them out!


      2. may want to reconsider this purchase for a number of reasons...I'm aware of these as they are big in Europe, but for the Canadian market, there are a few problems...First and foremost is the fact that the coffee filled pods are unavailable, for the most part. How is the groom supposed to buy the pods, if you have do dip down south of the border to even find the coffee maker? Problem # 2 is the fact that, in the US, only the poor quality coffees have embraced this technology - Having Max House every day is enough to turn off any coffee drinker.

        1. I just happen to notice on the weekend, that Starbucks sells pods. Although I don't know which blends as it seemed that they only had a regular and a I assume that it was probably their house blend.

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            also looking...

            Just got back from vacation in Holland where all my relatives have a Senseo...and am now shopping for one.

            Bad news. Senseo is not yet available in Canada (ie. neither the pods nor the machine), although I've seen one claim that it is due this fall. As you have also discovered, the major online chains will not ship this product (or the coffee!!) to Canada, so cross-border shopping in person is the only way to get this thing right now.

            Mellita and Black&Decker have competing pod systems. The Mellita is available at Zeller's in Canada; I've seen it here in Vancouver. I have not seen or tasted the type of coffee these devices produce, but because they are aimed at the US market, I would be skeptical that they are as good as the Senseo - which, IMO, is fantastic. No, it's not espresso, but if you've tasted Dutch, Swiss, or German restaurant-style coffee, you know what I mean.

            It is really unclear if the pods meant for different machines are all compatible with each other. In other words, Mellita pods may not work with the Senseo. I'd be sure to check which machine the Starbucks pods (if you can find them) are meant for.

            There is a reusable filter available for the Senseo, so you can grind your own coffee; but again, this is currently not avail. in Canada or the US - you have to go to Holland to get it. Needless to say, this filter will probably not work in the Mellita / B&D systems.

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              I purchased a Senseo while at my condo in Florida. It is amazing. However, upon returning home, I have found out that it is STILL not available in Canada. How sad! This is truly the best cup of home brewed coffee ever.

            2. does anyone know if any of these pod systems (both brewer and beans) are available to us yet? my DH wants one and i want to surprise him :-)

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                Yes they are widely available now. I have the Krups 1010 and enjoy it very much. Bought it at the bay. I still use my espresso maker for stronger coffee. Pods are expensive. Best place I found to buy them is here -

                And check out this cool gadget -

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                  I've seen a few of these pod systems. You can buy Illy coffee as pods. It's good coffee and they're easy to find, now, though not inexpensive.