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Pod Coffee Makers

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Hope someone can help. I've been looking everywhere for a POD/Single Serve coffee maker as a wedding gift. It'd be ideal since only the groom likes coffee.

The machines that I'm most interested in are the Melitta One and Philips Senseo(read really good reviews on this one). I've found them on all the major US online stores (target, walmart, amazon, etc...) but none ship to Canada. If anyone knows of any canadian stores that sell, preferably in the Toronto area, please let me know.

I'm also open to recommendations of other similar coffee machines. The pod ones seem ideal with ease of use, minimal cleanup and priced under $100.

Here are some product links if you're curious.

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  1. I know I saw one of these at the new Bed Bath and Beyond store in Ajax (I would assume their other GTA locations would have it to). First time I saw one was at a Williams Sonoma back in June, but it was a location in West Nyack, NY so I can't say if their Canadian stores have it yet if at all; worth a try if you happen to be near one anyway.

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      I didn't realize Bed Bath & Beyond had come to Canada. I can find no references to it anywhere, including the BBB website, but you mentioned that there were several GTA locations. Can you give us some more details, such as where exactly they're located? Thanks so much!

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        I went to the BB&B location at the Durham Centre in Ajax. They had their grand opening in mid-July and had opening weekend discount coupons in the local papers so we headed out to take a look. My initial reaction - they put The Bay Home Outfitters to shame. Wait till you see the variety and the pricing.

        Anyway, to get to it, take the 401 east out of Toronto, exit at Westney Road, turn left (northbound), then right at Kingston Rd. Turn left at Harwood, then immediately turn right after the gas station to go into the parking lot. The store will be to your left down that entrance road. If you're familiar with the area, it's where the Ajax Loblaws used to be until it moved west on Kingston to the new Superstore location.

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          Thanks very much!!! Will check it out.

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          Sorry, Tina. Huge mistake I made. It wasn't Bed Bath and Beyond, it was Linens N Things. You can see a list of Canadian locations at:

          Link: http://www.lnt.com/corp/index.jsp?pag...

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            Thanks for letting me know, T2. You said the prices are good, so I'll go check them out!


      2. Hi...you may want to reconsider this purchase for a number of reasons...I'm aware of these as they are big in Europe, but for the Canadian market, there are a few problems...First and foremost is the fact that the coffee filled pods are unavailable, for the most part. How is the groom supposed to buy the pods, if you have do dip down south of the border to even find the coffee maker? Problem # 2 is the fact that, in the US, only the poor quality coffees have embraced this technology - Having Max House every day is enough to turn off any coffee drinker.

        1. I just happen to notice on the weekend, that Starbucks sells pods. Although I don't know which blends as it seemed that they only had a regular and a decaf...so I assume that it was probably their house blend.

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            also looking...

            Just got back from vacation in Holland where all my relatives have a Senseo...and am now shopping for one.

            Bad news. Senseo is not yet available in Canada (ie. neither the pods nor the machine), although I've seen one claim that it is due this fall. As you have also discovered, the major online chains will not ship this product (or the coffee!!) to Canada, so cross-border shopping in person is the only way to get this thing right now.

            Mellita and Black&Decker have competing pod systems. The Mellita is available at Zeller's in Canada; I've seen it here in Vancouver. I have not seen or tasted the type of coffee these devices produce, but because they are aimed at the US market, I would be skeptical that they are as good as the Senseo - which, IMO, is fantastic. No, it's not espresso, but if you've tasted Dutch, Swiss, or German restaurant-style coffee, you know what I mean.

            It is really unclear if the pods meant for different machines are all compatible with each other. In other words, Mellita pods may not work with the Senseo. I'd be sure to check which machine the Starbucks pods (if you can find them) are meant for.

            There is a reusable filter available for the Senseo, so you can grind your own coffee; but again, this is currently not avail. in Canada or the US - you have to go to Holland to get it. Needless to say, this filter will probably not work in the Mellita / B&D systems.

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              I purchased a Senseo while at my condo in Florida. It is amazing. However, upon returning home, I have found out that it is STILL not available in Canada. How sad! This is truly the best cup of home brewed coffee ever.

            2. does anyone know if any of these pod systems (both brewer and beans) are available to us yet? my DH wants one and i want to surprise him :-)

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                Yes they are widely available now. I have the Krups 1010 and enjoy it very much. Bought it at the bay. I still use my espresso maker for stronger coffee. Pods are expensive. Best place I found to buy them is here - http://www.playfaircoffee.com/store/s...

                And check out this cool gadget - http://perfectpodmaker.com/

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                  I've seen a few of these pod systems. You can buy Illy coffee as pods. It's good coffee and they're easy to find, now, though not inexpensive.

                2. Home Outfitters has them and Willliams Sonoma has them.

                  1. This thread contains some very confusing and misleading information that can mess you up terribly. I don't know enough to sort it all out, but here's what I do know:

                    - Espresso pods for espresso machines do not work in all single cup pod systems for other types of coffee. Most are for espresso machines only.

                    - There are at least two different espresso pod systems available. One is more widely used than the other. I'm not certain, but think that there is even a third espresso pod system used by only one brand (Nespresso??). You must use only pods appropriate for your own system. Some coffee is apparently available for multiple systems; others for only one. Starbucks, Illy, and Timothys do supply coffee in pods, but not necessarily for every available pod system. I doubt that any coffee from Illy or Starbucks is available for a non-espresso machine. Also, some espresso makers claimed to use pods can't necessarily make decent coffee with them. (Personal experience here.)

                    - Espresso pods are, oddly, more widely available in Toronto than pods for other types of coffee.

                    - Most of the available single cup systems are incompatible with each other. Pods of any kind are difficult to find. Most stores that sell the machines do not sell pods for them. Few supermarkets stock any pods. I have noticed that many Timothys stores do not stock their pods. (Starbucks has them, but only for espresso.)

                    - I would contend that it is much more work to use a single cup system than to brew a pot of coffee. If you are making only one cup, a plunger (AKA French Press) can use whatever coffee you like and it will taste better. Yes, this does require a LITTLE BIT more work.

                    - The available systems in Toronto do not make the "crema coffee" you'll find in a good European resto. They aren't very good and, for the most part, you can't find pods containing decent coffee anywhere.

                    - The best machine available in Toronto, in my opinion, is the Tassimo. Unfortunately, no decent coffee is available for this machine. What's the point of spending almost $200 to brew cups of Max or Folgers? And I've never seen Tassimo pods in stock anyplace I've shopped.

                    - Linens & Things and Home Outfitters are not reasonably priced stores (unless you have one of the 20% off coupons that both distribute regularly). You'll do much better at Caynes in Thornhill.

                    - I checked out the pod maker gadget mentioned above. Sure it's cool, but why would anyone bother? Certainly this eliminates any even potential convenience factor from using pods. And even that doesn't matter, because the refills for this system are back ordered.

                    I'd love to be ably to brew cups of perfect crema coffee, in the blends of my choice, one cup at a time. Being able to conveniently switch blends during the course of a day would be neat. Serving different blends to everyone in a group would be neat. But serving bad coffee more expensively? I think I'll keep waiting.

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                      I think you have over-complicated the options.

                      Yes an espresso pod is COMPLETELY different than a coffee pod. An espresso pod is a highly compacted disk of ground espresso. A coffee pod is like a tea bag, but filled with coffee.

                      If you want crema, if you want espresso, there is no other option but to use an espresso maker. In that maker you can use fresh ground espresso coffee or an espresso pod. You decide the quality in all aspects.

                      If you want a cup of coffee and dont wish to brew a whole pot, a coffee pod system is a fantastic option. All you do is put the cold water in the reservoir, add the coffee bag, choose the strength and hit go. You get perfectly freshly brewed coffee everytime and throw away the bag. My Krups allows for brewing two cups at once, each one with its own separate pod (bag).

                      Now as far as quality is concerned, I enjoy the European Dark Roast from Fairplay Coffee. It is rich, complex and strong. it tastes fresh to me. If you want to stick to your choice brand, you can buy this inexpensive gadget and make your own pods. http://perfectpodmaker.com/ I would guess that you will save money in the long run by not making full pots. And by using pods you control the qnty to where you get the same result everytime.

                      As far as waiting. You will never get a pod (bag) that is as good as grinding your own beans and brewing. But you can already make your own pods with that gadget.

                      Hope that helps someone. : )

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                        I was writing in a stream of consciousness and perhaps my post could have used some editing, but the comments above totally mixed up the espresso and regular coffee pod systems and needed some help.

                        Could you provide more info/coordinates of Fairplay Coffee? I've not run into this anywhere.

                        "Crema coffee" is what these systems were supposed to be about. It isn't espresso -- it's regular coffee, but brewed under some pressure by the single cup. Movenpick once served it, but apparently Toronto wasn't ready and they eventually made it secondary to regular drip before they disappeared. Loblaws inherited some of their machines, but abandoned them, which is a shame. I've never tasted Senseo, but their publicity suggests that crema coffee is what you get. Since the system isn't available here, I suppose it's academic.

                        I've seen demos of the Tassimo and was impressed, but they used coffee pods that aren't sold here. There is no good Tassimo coffee available in Canada. Since their pods are bar coded, the pod making gizmo wouldn't work.

                        Although I am obsessed enough to sometimes roast my own beans, it would be great to just pop in a pod first thing each morning. And it would be a great solution at a dinner party when six people want six different styles in both caf and decaf. But I've never tasted pod coffee from a system available in Toronto that I would want to drink again. And that pod-making system, while clever, sounds simply nuts.

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                          I have the Tassimo and quite like it. I have purchased the brands (Gevalia etc,)that we can't get here when visiting the U.S and they do work in my machine. Online you can order from Tassimo directly and get varieties unavailable(as yet).

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                            I know this is slightly off topic - but the Tassimo brews a great cup of earl grey... I think it does a great job with teas but the available selection of coffees as mentioned previously is mediocre... i would expect this would have to change if they want to continue to sell the machines

                    2. OK. Finally found a Melitta one for my DH (only $10 on ebay!!!). Where can I buy pods here? Or am I stuck with online shopping for these pods?

                      Any brand will do. He likes good coffee but he's not a coffee connosieur so he won't be very picky. Anything will be better than our usual one cup drip coffee maker.

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                        My staff LOVES Cafe Roast, Double Dark and European Dark from this company. http://www.playfaircoffee.com/store/s...

                      2. By the way guys, you can buy all kinds of Tassimo pods on eBay or other website. European brands are what my wife prefers.