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Aug 3, 2004 10:08 PM

sf-->toronto-->1 night-->recs?

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I realize that San Francisco and Toronto do have some things in common- a good variety of cheap "Ethnic" eats, often overblown bull-shit "trendy" restaurants that people adore and, good regional (and for Toronto, seasonal) produce & meats.

Having said that, I'm interested in something I can't get in SF, where I can eat alone with a book, have a great glass (or two :0) of wine, and feel like I was somewhere that is not the Bay Area.

Oh, and all this is expected by Wednesday night! hehe!

Hopeless or hopefull?

Suggestions on any cuisine or new experience welcome.

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  1. Chiado might fit the bill. It's generally acknowledged to be the best Portugese restaurant in Canada and is known for the incredible freshness of it's seafood. While SF has amazing seafood, you'll probably find fish at Chiado that you won't see back home, as the owner has his shipped directly from fishermen off the Atlantic coast of Europe. It's relatively high end from a price and quality perspective, but not trendy in the least -- more of an old world graciousness. Plus it has an incredible Portugese wine list and a really nice sommelier. Welcome to TO and happy eating!