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Aug 3, 2004 09:32 PM

rest suggestion for burnamthorpe & Huronontario

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I work right across square one and we (a couple of people in our office) like to go out for lunch... but we seem to be going to the same places

1) Macyes (chineese on burnamthorpe) Really good
2) Pho mi 99 (vietman good)
3)a portugal bar b que Very good

but does anyone else have any ideas for good food?


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  1. Check out "Bombay Chopsticks"
    Hwy #10 and Bristol Rd

    Interesting mix of Oriental and Indian.
    Reasonably priced
    Fairly close to your office.


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    1. re: Stewart

      Actually I have already tried it... it is Hakka food (indian/chinese) and it is not bad to say the least.

      thanks for eveyone who posted and i will let you know when i try some of these places/

      any more suggestions????

    2. go to Eastern Groceries down the street - they've got some dynamite take-out Pakistani food, and some assorted treats (samosas, pakoras, other patties, gyros, etc). They might have a lunch-size biryani which would be suitable.

      how about those caribbean places in that area ? i've never tried them, but there are a handful in those little dumpy plazas.

      explore, experiment, and hopefully enjoy ! and of course report back. ;)

      1. I haven't been in a while, and I'm not sure if it still exists, but I have always enjoyed Fuji-Yu, in the pink reflective office buildings just off Kariya Drive. The service is very attentive and very polite (they all bow as you enter and bow again as you leave). The sushi is above average, the portions (for dinner at least) are quite generous, and the chef is always giving away amuse-bouches.

        If you go, please let me know whether it is still as nice as I remember it to be. :)

        1. Have you tried the Emerald Restaurant at Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario? Great dim sum at lunchtime, large restaurant maybe 200 people. Bring at least 6 people so you try a variety of dim sum. Better to sit near the kitchen to get the best selection. Emerald Chinese Restaurant 30 W Eglinton Ave Mississauga ON 905-890-9338

          We used to go to Pho Mi 99 but now we like Pho Mi Asia at 1248 Dundas East #12. South side of Dundas, West of Dixie at Blundell (Near Woody Woodchuck). I think they transposed the items from one menu to the other, same dish, same item number. Place is cleaner, less crowded and better quality food. Try #407 fried pork on noodles with crunchy sprouts and veggies and spring roll $5.50


          1. * Bombay Bhel (5035 Hurontario Street, NE corner at Eglinton): Cozy Indian place. Try the lamb korma with cashew cream.

            * Amato Pizza (5029 Hurontario Street, NE corner at Eglinton): Italian chain from Toronto. Menu is large, and portions generous. Quality alright.

            * The Host (33 City Centre Drive, near Robert Speck): Small chain of Indian restaurants with locations in Toronto and Richmond Hill. Maybe a bit expensive for regular visits, but quality is excellent.

            * Saravana Bhavan (4559 Hurontario at Eglinton): Vegetarian South Indian. Try the inexpensive combo meals.