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Aug 1, 2004 09:06 PM

review of hot & spicy festival

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well overall i was very disappointed this year. The 'red hot market' (the place where all the spices/sauces etc. are sold) was ALOT smaller then in the past. I like the idea the ability to taste various sauces tastes etc from everywhere...

not this time.... the number of murchants was down from last year.

Which brings me to another observation... theu year festival should have been called Caribana becase all this was as the islands....

now i know that carabana was on at the same time... but this was not assocated with them at all. I prefer seeing a mix of cultures from around the world.... but not this year.

as for the food..... the line ups were enough to even try the patience of someone like the pope. the food was OK.... if you like mass produced jerk chicken with little care of taste etc.

over all a rating of five out of ten

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