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Aug 1, 2004 11:43 AM


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Where can I find tomatillos in Mississauga? If not Mississauga, any nearby city or town? If necessary, I'd be happy to go downtown to Toronto to find some.



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  1. I buy tomatillos at a wonderful small latino grocery store in kensington market on augusta just north of baldwin on the east side. They have mexican crema which is a cross between creme fraiche and sour cream and is spectacular with tomatillo salsa and shrimp tacos! they have a great range of product and sell wonderful poblamo peppers. They have ladies come in a coule iof days a week and make fresh mexican delicasies. I buy their frozen passion fruit pulp to make sauces and to put in smoothies
    Anyone know where there is a latino store north of Steeles?
    would love to find a closer source

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      Thanks Jerry!

      Sounds like a nice little place. I love little ethnic grocery stores. I'd also be interested if anybody knows of any other ones esp in the Mississauga/Oakville/Brampton area?????


      1. I too am looking for a store in Mississauga or nearby to buy tomatillos.

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          Available canned at many NoFrills and Highland Farms. Fresh? Not so easy. They occasionally surface in the farmers' markets(I found some so-so ones at Milton this summer). I've actually had some luck growing my own if weather the cooperates.

        2. If you want to take a drive out to Tree & Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm Linda grows several varieties and they are very plentiful this year. Check her website if you are interested and send her an email if you want to pay a visit. I would highly recommend it!

          1. Sorry, not Peel Region but you can get fresh tomatillos in Toronto at the St Lawrence Market on Saturdays at the North Market. The vendor I purchase from sets up his stall outside, on the east side of the building.

            1. Whole Foods in oakville or d/t Toronto in Yorkville. I get them there all the time (the one in Oakville).