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Jul 31, 2004 08:30 PM


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Just got back from Caribana and must say that the variety of dishes available this year was the best I remember. Of course there were many stands selling the staples - roti, doubles, jerk, BBQ etc. But we had a flying fish cutter (seems like the Bajan stands are coming back after several years of no shows), shark and bake (fried fish in home made bread pocket), really spicy BBQ corn, po' boys, jerk kebabs, casava pone and other Carribean snacks. If you haven't yet gone, go tomorrow to the Toronto Island - many of the vendors will be there as well. Caribana is sights, sounds AND tastes!

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  1. moan...I wish I was there for the flying fish!

    On that note, anyone know if you can get flying fish or kingfish steaks in Toronto?


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      Several of the fish shops at St. Lawrence Market sell frozen flying fish. That's where I get them to make my own cutters. There used to be a couple of places around town that had flying fish on the menu but none that I know of serve it currently. Very sad since it is the perfect fish for sandwiches, which makes it a great lunch menu item.