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Jul 31, 2004 05:53 PM

Soup dumplings in the GTA

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Can anyone recommend the best place to get soup dumplings in the GTA? I have heard of a great place in Markham for these dumplings (dumplings that you eat generally with a spoon. They have a bit of filling and a rich broth inside), but I don't know the name.


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  1. I've had awesome soup dumplings at Asian Legend on Dundas east of Spadina. Esp. the pork soup dumplings. Nice decor, too.

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    1. re: sunnyside

      Ditto Asian Legend. They have more than one location too.

    2. The place in Markham is Ding Tai Fong (Hwy 7 and Woodbine). The soup dumpling is Xiao Long Bao in Mandarin.

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      1. re: Cecilia

        Thanks, Cecilia. Took your advice and went out to Markham and they were lovely. Best I've had since moving from NYC!!!

      2. I don't really like Ding Tai Fung for dumplings, as Shanghinese food goes their things are only Ok. There's a place at McCowan and Alton Towers (in the same mall with the Kum San supermarket) in Scarborough which I think has some of the best Shanghinese food, including dumplings. I don't know the english name, but the Chinese name literally translates out to Big Shanghi.