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Jul 30, 2004 04:02 PM

weekday breakfast Bloor & Yonge

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I'm taking my Mom to Toronto on the new fast ferry from Rochester NY in August. We're staying at the Radisson near Bloor and Yonge. Looking for reasonably priced breakfasts not too far away, or near Eaton's (her shopping destination)

She is not what I'd call an adventurous eater - but sometimes she surprises me!

She would love a brunch, but I mostly see those listed on Sundays...

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  1. There are two places in the neighbourhood that might suit.

    One is 7 West, a 24 hour place on St. Charles St. It's got great food. The second recommendation would be a place at Yonge and Gloucester called the Brownstone Bistro. It is located at the north east corner.


    1. If you are going to the Eaton Centre, there is Eggspectations.

      Along Bloor St, between Avenue and Bedford, on the north side is a breakfast place, but I cannot remember the name, but it is a 10-15 minute walk from Yonge.

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        The place is called Over Easy and it's on the north side of Bloor, about a 1/2 block west of Avenue Rd. Entrance is up the stairs from the street. Same genre as Eggspectations.

      2. Try Flo's Diner on Yorkville, near Belair, above Second Cup. Inside and patio all-day breakfasts.

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          Guy Middleton

          For breakfast near the Eaton Centre, try the Senator Diner, Toronto's oldest restaurant. The food is excellent, and the place itself looks as if it has not changed in at least 50 years.