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Jul 30, 2004 02:02 PM

Carters in Stratford

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Has anyone even eaten here? Any good?

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    Elastic Waistband

    Have not eaten there but heard it was so-so. I have heard that Bijoux is excellent, but you should check out their web site to make sure that the menu appeals to ou. Also, would highly recommend Down the Street. Really great food, decent prices and good service too.

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    1. re: Elastic Waistband

      Thanks. Bijou was my first choice. We''re eating at Rundles on Sunday, but needed somewhere for Saturday. What's the menu like at Down the Street?

      1. re: John
        Elastic Waisband

        They have everything - meat, some fish & sea.dfood and vegetarian choices as well. We opted to go after the theatre and shared a great thai-inspired salad and some calamari which was really good (lightly fried, nice batter).

        I would say that they don't have an unusual menu (as does Bijoux) but the "regular" fare is usually served with some sensational sauce, etc.

        I would recommend it. It also seems to be where a lot of the Stratford actors eat.

        Oh yeah - ate at Keystone Alley a few years back. It was also good, but I prefer Down the Street.

        Another suggestion from a friend of mine is Sapori's. Traditional, old fashioned Italian food. Supposedly very good as well.

        Have fun.

        1. re: Elastic Waisband

          Thanks! We gave Carter's a miss and went to Down the Street instead. Very nice and eclectic. OK food. Rundles was a different story, however! The food was beautiful, but the rest of the place, God, what a mishmash. The "folk art" centerpieces are offputting. Who wants' to look at rusty old beer bottle caps when downing their fois gras? The poor waitresses seem so down trodden, probably because of the opressive Amishwear uniforms they had to wear. The menu was too regimented, the decor silly, annd I really gort a kick out of the picture of the chef on rthe front of the menu! No more Rundles for me.

    2. I have been to Carters a number of times (including just a few weeks ago) - to be honest not the best 'chow for the money!

      One strong recommendation that I can make is York Street Kitchen. It is a small place but EXCELLENT home style food. The staff were wonderful and for the money it was totally worth it! We actually ended up going back the next day and ordering a picnic lunch from them as well.