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Jul 30, 2004 09:34 AM

Hot & Spicy Food Festival

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Just remembered that the Harbourfront spicy food festival is happening this long weekend. If you're a spice nut like me, make sure you get out.

The market's usually pretty good, with many vendors providing free samples. I usually come back with at least a couple of things. There's one jamaican jerk vendor that sells the best home made jerk marinade (no fancy glossy labelling). For the life of me I can't remember the name, but I do know that it's from a little catering company. In the past they've had samples of burgers marinaded in the Jerk sauce along with the usual pretzels to dip.

An interesting addition this time is the Iron Chef competition on Monday. It pits one of the canadian living cooks against someone else, can't remember who.



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  1. Go & Enjoy is what I say.

    I love hot and spicy food. There is interesting and incredible food out there somewhere.

    Not sure about, here. You mentioned the vendors and yes there were a few wonderful items you can find.

    I drove down from out of town for the first one and unless there is great improvement, I'd have to say, don't plan to eat there. We found on that occasionan that with all the food sellers, you could do so much better anywhere else.

    The food was amateurish, unappetizing and?!)?*&!!!

    Oh man, I'm sure it's better with the passing of time.

    One more thing, when " events " are held, who checks quality??? The only thing I remember so much worse and evil was when I attended the CNE for the first time in decades and that day/week, they had a Thai theme and all I can say is that the person responsible at Beaver Foods should eat that food only, forever.

    My 99.999999% rule is to always eat before or after or both of an event. When I break it, I'm usually sorry!