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Jul 29, 2004 11:32 PM

Lebanese Falafal?

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Heya, I need some help in tracking this down. My boyfriend's been telling me of this great place out in a plaza in Brampton (now closed) that used to sell falafels in their self-made pita bread which apparently is much thinner than the pita that is typically served with Falafal. Also, he mentioned that they tended to wrap it more like a tortilla / wrap, with 3 falafal next to each other in a row.

Does anyone know if there are any other place in the GTA that serve their falafals this way? I would like to surprise him with a visit there.


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  1. Sure, there's a place in the falafel district that serves them like that. Sarah's, on Bloor St. a couple of blocks west of Spadina. It's next to a Kinko's. Best falafel and shawarma in the area, imo. One of the very few falafels I've had that won't fall apart halfway through eating it.
    Skip Ghazale and go to Sarah's.

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      Sounds delightful as I'd l'love thin pita to try! Regular pits are great to make mini pizzas, crisped a bit, but too thick for a sandwich for me. I'll as opportunity presents, check it out!!!!