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Jul 29, 2004 06:22 PM

best veg. rest? in TO.?????

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here is a question. Which vegertairain restuarnt do you like to go to in TO.

My favourites are as follows

1) Gormet Veg rest... located on west beever creek ( 7 & 400). Very good authentic chineese rest cheap large protions (cash only)

2) Lotus pond (scarberry (sp)) Not as good as but very flavourfull in terms of choice also chinese

3) SOuth indian (huronontario and eglington next to haveys)... very good simple food, not my style, but interesting never the less

any others???

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  1. For Chinese vegetarian dim sum I prefer Graceful Vegetarian ( in Market Village. It's also a much prettier restaurant if you're out to impress.

    Also Bo De Duyen ( in Toronto's Spadina Chinatown is great for tasty and inexpensive.