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Jul 29, 2004 08:53 AM

Caribana and the Nearest Roti/Jerk

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Hi guys,

As some of you might not know, the Caribana parade is this Saturday. If you've been put off from news stories, don't worry it's a fun event.

As for food, there are roti and corn vendors along the route so they'd be closest. However, I eventually want to get out of the crowd.

Island Foods is at King and Dufferin and it does a good roti. However, Island Foods takes a long time always so if it's busy I'm going to have to find something else. Are there any other places nearby? What about Queen St. in Parkdale. Please comment on the food too, no use suggesting a crap place.

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  1. Bacchus Roti Shop (1376 Queen St W).
    Quite well known. Definitely not crap.

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    1. re: Ian

      Thanks Ian,

      Quick check tells me that's Cowan/Queen, west of Dufferin. That'll be a fun walk, it was a great party in that area last time I was there during Caribana.

    2. their is a whole feature in the now this week about island food in toronto and on the route. you can check it out online.


      1. Island Foods has a second location at the Grange (McCaul and Queen Street) if you're really desperate.

        Bacchus is really good too so if you want to stay in Parkdale, that's the place to check out for a roti.

        For something different, there's the Tasty restaurant on King, west of Dufferin. They do Sri Lankan food, their vegetable biryani is really good. No ambiance at all (actually it's downright scary) but the food is great for takeout.

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        1. re: Fickle

          Tasty Restaurant was ringing bells for me and until your 'downright scary' ambience call I couldn't place it. Bingo, stabbing in front but to be fair to the restaurant, the fight started in Galaxy Donuts.

          I would recommend King/Dufferin is you want a special night out(Graduation, Anniversary, just released from prison etc.)

        2. My favourite roti is at Gandhi, on Queen St. just east of Bathurst (north side). Really fresh, really hot. But more east indian style than west indian...

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          1. re: Jo

            I really don't understand the attraction of Ghandi. Mind you, I've been there only once and had the butter chicken roti. As far as butter chicken goes, it certainly isn't anything to write home about, much better any numerous places too numerous to mention. I also can't understand the attraction to bacchus. I admit there vegetarian selection is formidable but for goat roti (my personal fav) they are sub par to say the least. There's a place on Pitfield rd. just west of McCowan that blows both these places out the water.

            1. re: knuckles

              I have to agree, that Roti hut on Pitfield road has some of the best roti in this city.

          2. d
            dionysus & maenad

            There's a great little place on Queen W, Parkdale...years ago I've had some good roti there I don't recall the name, will look into.